dragon ball super episode 83

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 (Air Date 19th March!!!!) "I Won't forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo's intrusion!!" Synopsis - As Goku and Toppo battle, the Grand Priest stops their fight and tells them to settle things at the "Tournament of Power". The "Tournament of Power" will be set up as a Battle Royal where 80 warriors from 8 universes all battle at once, and if you fall from the stage (you will be eliminated?* Added by stevie). Losing means your universe will be destroyed and the tournament begins in just 40 hours.

Dragon ball Super episode 82 + 83 Synopsis (mild spoilers i guess)

Coming through the Japanese print world and translated by the Dragon Ball communities Todd Blankenship ( @Herms98  ) are the latest Synopsis for Episodes 82 and 83 of Dragon Ball Super. I guess these contain…

Toppo universe 11 - dragon ball super episode 83 The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In

Dragon Ball Super 83 Title and Synopsis news (NON-SPOILER)

The Episode title  has been released for Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 but as of yet no leaked Synopsis, which may mean that the episodes have not been finalised , something we will find out…