Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

dragon ball super 96 the time has come to the world of the void the tournament of power is about to begin teaser shonen jump

Dragon Ball Super EP 96 – Shonen Jump Magazine Preview – (Mild DBS Spoilers)

It is that time of the week again.  This time,  coming from my favorite source (as he is 100% trustable) @herms98 is the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine teaser for Dragon Ball Super episode 96. Of course,…

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 (Air Date 19th March!!!!) "I Won't forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo's intrusion!!" Synopsis - As Goku and Toppo battle, the Grand Priest stops their fight and tells them to settle things at the "Tournament of Power". The "Tournament of Power" will be set up as a Battle Royal where 80 warriors from 8 universes all battle at once, and if you fall from the stage (you will be eliminated?* Added by stevie). Losing means your universe will be destroyed and the tournament begins in just 40 hours.

Dragon ball Super episode 82 + 83 Synopsis (mild spoilers i guess)

Coming through the Japanese print world and translated by the Dragon Ball communities Todd Blankenship ( @Herms98  ) are the latest Synopsis for Episodes 82 and 83 of Dragon Ball Super. I guess these contain…