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Dragon ball Super Episode 81 Synopsis (UPDATED! – NON SPOILER!)

This weeks review is uploaded and available to view now here … https://www.worldoftrash.co.uk/dragon-ball-super-81-reactions-goku-evil/ (a text version will be  posted throughout the week) This weekend  Episode 81 airs and we finally get to see Goku in…

zeno , the omni king, dragon ball super strongest magical entity who rules the universe beerus kills zamasu in the timeline using his hakai destroy move ... is zeno zen-oh omniking the strongest being in the universe?

Just how strong is Zen-oh / Omni King? (DBS Discussion)

Within the Dragon Ball community, these days with the Tournament of Power coming up people are asking the question …  Just how strong is Zen-oh / Omni king (or whatever you want to call him/it!)….

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