dragon ball super blu ray

Dragon Ball super episode 107 meets One Punch man when Jirans Special ability was debuted ... essentially he is ONE PUNCH JIRAN

Dragon Ball Super 107 – ONE PUNCH JIRAN! (Spoilers / Review)

Above is my favorite moment from Dragon Ball Super 107 “Revenge “F”, The Cunning Trap” … I legitimitely laughed my freaking ass off! It has been way too long since I posted any news, mainly…

android 17 returning to dragon ball super in dragon ball super episode 86 16th april 2017

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Previews / SPOILERS – The Return of Android 17 (C-17) and more ?

This week,  Dragon Ball Super episode 85 will finally get here (it seems like we have been waiting for ages), bringing with it the new, Slim Majin Buu.  What we all may have forgotten though…

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