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Exclusive subject! A female Saiyan arrives!! A new Saiyan has been confirmed for Dragon Ball Super!! Is she a Saiyan from the 6th or 7th Universe – which is it!? In any case, this time it’s clear this character requires our full attention!! A character sheet by Akira Toriyama-sensei is published!!! She’s supposed to be a Saiyan… however… If you take a good look at her backside on the character sheet… even though she’s a Saiyan, she has no tail!? A new Saiyan also appears in the opening video!? In the opening video, a female Saiyan has already appeared!!

The “New Saiyan” : Female Brolly Character Sheet Released! [Dragon Ball Super]

Hot off the presses of  Shonen Jump (Japan) is new information and images of the New Saiyan Girl. “Here comes a new Saiyan” , Literally … as the name we have for her as of…

Toppo universe 11 - dragon ball super episode 83 The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In

Dragon Ball Super 83 Title and Synopsis news (NON-SPOILER)

The Episode title  has been released for Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 but as of yet no leaked Synopsis, which may mean that the episodes have not been finalised , something we will find out…