brexit extention

Boris is a bellend

Pissing about with Purdah – Can Boris use Purdah rules to force no-deal during dissolution? #DitchSpatches 

#DitchSpatches (If my tongue was any more in cheek, it would burst out, throwing saliva across the room). Monday, 28th October 2019. The day started well, apart from the confusion as to why the fuck…

Boris Johnson - found dead in a ditch -Boris is the Yamcha of british Politics! #Brexit #StopBrexit #flextention

Brexit extention confirmed : General Election incoming? #ABZ Politics (Video)

A brief look at the weekend’s political news, Hosted by Aberdeens own Steve Smith! IT was a quiet weekend in #UKPolitics, only for today to come at us like a Wrecking ball! What do you…

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