android 17 and 18 names

android 17 returns to dragon ball super episode 86 goku and 17 will fight for the first time and strange spaceship appears

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87-89 Titles and Synopsis (mild spoilers!)

It’s that time of the week again, Dragon Ball Super Spoiler time! As per usual, these are just titles and the Synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 87, 88 and 89 which will be airing…

android 17 returning to dragon ball super in dragon ball super episode 86 16th april 2017

Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 Previews / SPOILERS – The Return of Android 17 (C-17) and more ?

This week,  Dragon Ball Super episode 85 will finally get here (it seems like we have been waiting for ages), bringing with it the new, Slim Majin Buu.  What we all may have forgotten though…