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Not one but TWO New Female Saiyans in Dragon Ball Super! (Girl Brolly Revealed!)

Hot off the Dragon Ball Super Presses this morning (By way of our man Shasidhar Sunny of the @allanimeuniverse FB Group) is one MASSIVE Revelation! It seems we are not getting just one new girl Saiyan in Dragon…

Exclusive subject! A female Saiyan arrives!! A new Saiyan has been confirmed for Dragon Ball Super!! Is she a Saiyan from the 6th or 7th Universe – which is it!? In any case, this time it’s clear this character requires our full attention!! A character sheet by Akira Toriyama-sensei is published!!! She’s supposed to be a Saiyan… however… If you take a good look at her backside on the character sheet… even though she’s a Saiyan, she has no tail!? A new Saiyan also appears in the opening video!? In the opening video, a female Saiyan has already appeared!!

The “New Saiyan” : Female Brolly Character Sheet Released! [Dragon Ball Super]

Hot off the presses of  Shonen Jump (Japan) is new information and images of the New Saiyan Girl. “Here comes a new Saiyan” , Literally … as the name we have for her as of…