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WWE 150 : 205 Live March 28th 2017 Review – Gulak the Anti Cruiserweight?

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Remember “The Ultimate Thrill Ride is this week. Lets have a “The Ultimate Thrill ride”  Counte  r, every time you see a red number someone has said “The Ultimate Thrill ride”!

The Matches!

Rich  Swan (W)  Vs Ariya  Davari

Mustafa Ali (W)  vs Brandon Scott

Akira Tozawa Vs Brian Kendrick (W) 

OK, WWE 205 live reviewed in hopefully 150 words or less … Lets do this!

Its that time  of the week again, time to Review WWE 205 live in 150 words or less. We are concidering making these articles slightly longer for our own sanity. If you read this

The  Show opens with a king Neville promo …  yawn.  Neville promises to show what he is going to do to  Aries at  Mania, tonight. 2 

The first match of the evening was  Swan Vs Davari.  Graves was talking about Fox’s gifs??? I was confused… he was talking about gifts, I’m an Idiot.  Swan got thrown around the outside then brutalized for a bit before getting the expected win via  Phoenix Splash, Decent match,.

Fox this week says  Dar is injured then just after sprayed perfume in her mouth! … OK, WTF! 

Gulak, backstage tried  to get Ali on board his new, confusing and shit Anti Cruiserweight movement, Ali wants to do cool moves though. this is stupid! Ali went on beat a random Jobber, it was pretty weak.

Next,Tozawa and Kendrick? .  Akira  owned Kendrick for the start  of this match until a mean looking drop toehold into the steel ramp, it looked painful!  Kendrick  stretched  Tozawa  and worked his NOSE ,Tozawa  fired up and fought back  but Kendrick cut him off  and ran him face first into the Buckle to win! Lesson 9.  Good match but should  be at  Mania!

This week ended with Neville coming to the ring and cutting  ANOTHER promo. Austin came to confront him face to face, more promo. Lets get to the point, its Wrestlemania on Sunday. Neville puts Aries down , so he thought… Aries fired back with a Mic to the ear then locked on the last chancery. Neville Ran!

Mania is on Sunday everyone! have an awesome weekend!

(to hell withthe word limit.)

This was a pretty good episode of 205 Live, a few good matches and loads of action!

WWE 150 – 205 Live 8th March 2017

Its that time again – 205 Live in 150 Words or less!

In Case you do not know, as of this week we now have help round these parts in the name of Ando aka Kev Anderson who will be doing out WWE Raw and NXT WWE 150 articles with myself (stevie) covering Smackdown and 205 Live. This way we cover the shows we prefer.

So … WWE 205 live for the 8th March 2017, reviewed in 150 words… Go!

The show opens with another “package”.

Double A starts the show with a “Statement”. This week he has the scoop of the century, Himself, Mentions his broken eye hole ( Dude has a way with words). He is back and gunning for Neville! Debuting tonight!

Its Shane vs AJ at mania. Fuck!

First up, Noam + Daivari vs Jack Gallagher and Rich Swan. An entertaining little random 205 tag match Jack and Swan get the win. Post-match, Faaawwwwwwwwwwks got another delivery from Mr Mystery … lover? Dar takes the glory.

“Dafty” – Awesome!

Next up, Tozawa Vs “A” Bryan Kendrick but swerve, not thee Brian Kendrick. (it was Arik Cannon) The Lessons Continue!

Quick Neville Promo then main event. Double A vs Tony Nese. Simple win for AA. Both men looked good! Roll on more Austin Aries and next weeks 205 live!


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