Sundays Wrestling news – NJPW Invasion Attack and WWE Payback news.

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WOT Weekend Wrestling News – Sundays News 11th April 2016

This weekend was quite quiet for the world of wrestling in North America* other than indies and house shows but on the other side of the world over in sunny Japan  NJPW were holding their annual “Invasion Attack” event. (Live on NJPW world online globally).

One fun thought this weekend is “Will WWE’s Payback be better than this years Wrestlemania” (as spoken by Bryan alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live … a MUST listen every day!).

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wwe payback 2016

Currently, the card for WWE Payback is looking very good indeed, the projected card is as follows…

  • Roman Reigns (c) vs A.J. Styles (WWE Championship Match)
  • Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn* (The Brilliant feud that will never ever end, 10 years in making)
  • Miz (c) with Maryse Vz Zach Ryder* (WWE Intercontinental Championship match)
  • Charlotte (c) Vs Natalya (WWE Women’s Championship)
  • The Dudley Boys Vs Enzo and Cass*
steen vs generico / Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens from ROH history

steen vs generico / Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens from ROH history

All Matches marked with an “*” signify that the matches are not yet announced, more just very much hinted at.

Currently the predicted (and strongly hinted to) card looks very solid and indeed, i would have to agree that it does look like a better card overall than what we got from the WWE at this years wrestlemania.

The only matches on the card i feel do not really fit well into this projected card are The Women’s Championship match and Owens vs Zayn. I that Charlotte would be better facing someone from her Wrestlemania 3 way match as a way to keep that feud going as long as possible, due to it being great television.  If they keep the matches between Charlotte, Becky and Sasha going and slowly introduce Nattalia to help neutralize Charlotte’s manager,  the dastardly Ric Flair, to build for a match with Charlotte in a more organic way ass opposed to shoehorning Nattalia into a program with Charlotte as a way kill some time on the show.

Also Rumored for this event (according to the Wiki anyway) we have Scheduled “The Return of the Rock” and “The Return of Randy Orton” … I would take these with a bucket load of SALT!


NJPW – Invasion Attack. 2016 – 10th April, Ryougoku Sumo Hall, Japan

This Sunday morning (for us UK types anyway) we got to wake up to something great, that being some of the usual smash mouth NJPW form of sport (its not sports entertainment, just sport in my opinion).

The show was full of title changes with Ropongi Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta) beating  Ricochet for the IWGP JR Tag Championship in match that had people flying from all angles of the Ring area which included not just one of the best Shooting Star presses i have seen in a while, but a Shooting Star done in Tandem by both Sydal and Ricochet … sadly as brilliant as this was it did not win the match for the flippy jumpy tandem.

njpw, wrestling, invasion attack, ropongi vice, Ropongi Vice hit their finisher on Ricochet to win the IWGP Jr Tag Championshops

Ropongi Vice hit their finisher on Ricochet to win the IWGP Jr Tag Championshops


The match i watched first (i watched this event  very much out of order) was the Kushida vs Englishman Will Osprey.  When i woke up on Sunday one of the first things i seen online was that Kushida and Osprey were trending in the States on Twitter which led to me being very interested in this match.  On watching the match was very good with Kushida and Osprey being their awesome selves (i am a massive fan of Kushida).  Since the match i have seen people reporting on this match as if the match is a 6 star match of the decade candidate, the match was very very good and a must watch, but not as good as people were making out.   Osprey had his arm worked on for a lot of the match but did not sell it in a very realistic way and this is pretty much all that downmarket my opinion on this one, this was good match witch could have been great.

Kushida vs osprey - NJPW Invasion Attack 2016

Kushida vs osprey – NJPW Invasion Attack 2016

The Never Openweight 6-Man Tag championship was won from The Elite (Omega and the Young Bucks) by the team of Tanahashi , Yoshi Tatsu and Michael Elgin As expected this match was off the charts, we had people jumping off balconies, Super kicks parties, people being superkicked through metal bins and everything else that would be expected in a match with the Elite! In the end the team of Tanahashi, Yoshi and Michael celebrated with the belts after Elgin destroyed Nick Jackson with a Super Bomb.  Interesting notes in this match were Omega throwing a bucket load of salt towards the WWE and Wrestlemania and sadly Cody Hall (Son of Scott Hall) took a very scary looking knock to the head after one of the Young Bucks jumped off a balcony and on the way down hit Cody on the head.  Thankfully Cody seems to be ok (reported by the Bucks and Wrestling Observer), Remember people, Wrestling is Dangerous… which was very much played on by Kenny Omega during this match who constantly tried hit the Styles Clash on Yoshitatsu, a man who has been out of action with a broken neck due to this move!

Kenny OMega tries to hit the Styles Clash on Yoshitatsu at NJPW Invasion Attack 2016

Kenny OMega tries to hit the Styles Clash on Yoshitatsu at NJPW Invasion Attack 2016

By the way, did i mention that The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks) are possibly the most entertaining thing in Wrestling (along with The New Day) ?

If not, i just did … The Elite = Pure Entertainment!

The Invasion Attack event closed with a match between Kazuchika Okada and Naito for Osaka’s coveted IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.  What proceeded to happen was the hard hitting match everyone expected although it was quite surprising to hear fan favorite Okada NOT being the target of the fans, rather it was Naito and for the first portion of the match the fans were well and truly behind Naito.

The match built to a near crescendo before Naito hit Okada with a low blow, following up with a Koji Clutch which nearly had the match won with Red Shoes (the NJPW Referee) on the verge of calling it before Okada fought back, he eventually got to his feet and fought back building up then going for the Rainmaker.  Naito managed to duck the Rainmaker, Okada tried to follow this up with a forearm to stop Naito but he manages to pull the referee into the line of fire and Red Shoes is accidentally taken out by Okada.

red shoes ko'd by Okada by accident at NJPW invasion attack 2016

red shoes ko’d by Okada by accident at NJPW invasion attack 2016

This leads to Naito’s backup Evil and Bushi storm the ring to try and take Okada out for Naito although this does not go well and Okada manages to take out both men and the match continues for another few minutes.

Naito vs Okada at NJPW invasion attack 2016

Naito vs Okada at NJPW invasion attack 2016

Okada fights back and manages to hold his own against Evil and Bushi and Okada fought back taking all three out of the picture until a 4th Masked man appeared in the ring and took out Okada , the man is … SANADA (Sporting a dashing new hair doo) who is making his NJPW debut and aligning himself with Naito, Evil and Bushi leading to the now Easy win over Okada for Naito…

Sanada appears at NJPW invasion attack 2016

Sanada appears at NJPW invasion attack 2016

Sanada appears at NJPW invasion attack 2016

Sanada appears at NJPW invasion attack 2016

We have a NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion – NAITO!

After the match Naito and his crew proceeded to beat down on everyone until the members of CHAOS stormed the ring to save Okada.

This was a very brief review of what was a brilliant event, as the big New Japan shows  with English commentary are these days.

To watch Invasion attack, sign up to NJPW World here –

News sourced from the internet, twitter, wrestlezone,wrestling observer and all over social media!  If i have posted something and you feel it should be credited email

Credit to NJPW,  Wrestling Observer,, reddit, and various other sources of opinion on the internet!

PICS TAKEN from screens from NJPW World

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