Stevies BOOM hits its first 100 Subscribers

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After a few months of spamming the crap out of twitter(s) and trying to promote my gaming only channel “Stevies BOOM!” I have managed to hit my first 100 Subscribers and now have a super cool unique URL for my channel.

If you are reading this and have not subscribed to my channel PLEASE do and help me get to 1000!  (im starting uni in september, i would love to work via youtube)

To start with the channel was based around the game “Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle” but is developing into a channel with many more games. In the beginning i was making a dokkan video every day except saturdays but started to run out of content so have cooled off on Dokkan but now endeavour to stream Dokkan live as soon as any updates happen… this is one of the few bonuses of living in the uk.

Check out my latest videos here.