Shane McMahon may be hosting Raw next week … Again!

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When i started trying to move this site over to being one which reported on Wrestling i did not want to let my emotions come out and attempt to put across well balanced articles.  I wanted to look at things in a more neutral light but for this one all that goes out the window (not even a week into things)

as WWE has began hinting that Shane McMahon may be running next week’s WWE Raw.

Image from shane mcmahon
Image from shane mcmahon

Now why does this annoy me you may ask?  This is a pretty strait forward question to answer as a few weeks ago we had this little event called Wrestlemania 32, its only one of the biggest spectacles on the planet.  For this event both Shane McMahon and The Undertaker returned and due to other injuries within the roster were shoehorned into a fued / match against each other in Wrestlemania with very simple situation, if Shane was to win in this barbaric Hell in a Cell match then he would gain control of the WWE and in turn would change things for both the fans and investors for the better and if Undertaker won Shane was gone, Vince kept control of everything and that was that.

The event came and we seen a 47 year old guy who 15 years ago had some memorable moments jumping off high things going against an aging (and still very very good) legend in a pretty flat Hell in a Cell match where the only moments of note were Shane and his kids dancing to the ring in one of the most “white guy” cringe worthy way possible and the same man Jumping off the Cell onto a table.

The Undertaker won, that means Shane lost for those keeping score.

So Undertaker won, that means Should be done right… NOPE!

On the Monday following Wrestlemania (the very next night) Vince appeared at the start of the show to gloat about Undertaker beating his son to a pulp when Shane came out and wanted to say “the better man won” and to shake his Dad’s hands, Vince’s reaction was to give Shane control of Raw for the night regardless of the stipulation of the match the previous evening.

I was a bit perplexed by this but im a fan so i thought “it’s a bit silly and it kinda makes the previous nights match pointless but i’ll go with it” and hoped that everything would be right the following week.

The following Monday comes and the WWE announce that due to “Social Media reaction” Shane will be back to control another night of WWE Raw … now im starting to get a bit riled, but i hope it goes away.

Roll on a few hours ago and the WWE announce.

For two weeks, Shane McMahon has assumed control of Raw, and for two weeks, the show has been astounding, bringing us new Superstars, unexpected returns and even a No. 1 Contenders’ Tag Team Tournament sponsored, naturally, by Booty-O’s.

We haven’t seen The Authority on Monday night’s hottest show since WrestleMania, and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon surely have some strong opinions about Shane-O-Mac’s job performance. Will we see WWE’s Prodigal Son reign once more, or might The Authority put a stop to Shane’s tenure as Raw showrunner?

Now im just flat out angry as the WWE match which was the co-main event of Wrestlemania essentially in storytelling terms was an absolute waste of time.

Did Shane really need to take that bump and could someone else not have been in the match?