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Conservatives call vote of no conficence against Theresa May leadership Tories fail at brexit

Tories call Vote of No Confidence against Theresa May – Stevie Looks at the options we face #ABZ

News broke this morning that the Conservative party have called a Vote of No Confidence against their leader Theresa May. In accordance to their Policies, the correct amount of MP’s submitted letters to Graham Brady, and so, at 9pm on the 12th December 2018, the Tories will vote either for Theresa May to continue to run this country into the ground,¬† or if another, even more, inept will take her place.

vicargate exclusive abz podcast part 2

EXCLUSIVE : The #VicarGate Story – Part 2 #ABZ Podcast

This is the story of the weekend when Stevie Smith, one of the lowest ranking Journalists, or “Investigative Podcasters” in the UK Exposed “BBC Newsnight’s” use of Actors, living metaphors and passive lies, to warp the perceptions of the UK into doing what our Government and “impartial” national broadcaster wants us to do!