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Sequel or Update? Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Game Review (PS4)

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Dragon Ball  Xenoverse 2 was one of the reasons I upgraded to aPS4, it was also the first game where I not only digitally pre-ordered the game content but I went all out and  bought the “season pack” as I was very much excited to play this game.

Boy was I wrong! Why was I wrong?  Well, let me explain.

As a  fan of the Dragon Ball franchise  (late to the party but here now)  who had exhausted all the watchable material, last year  I decided it was time play these  Dragon Ball Z games I had heard of.

I started with Burst limit, moved on through  Raging Blast and skipped Battle of Gods after playing for 10 minutes as it felt like a confusing mess.   After playing these games I was led to the grand daddy of them all …Dragon Ball XENOVERSE!  Xenoverse was the game  I was looking for with a  great story mode, great fight system the ability to create your own warrior along with all the other content which made it a great game.

My only problem with Xenoverse was I was as afore mentioned late to the party and because of this I was so far behind every other player I could battle  due to  it haveing been out a year and  all the DLC that I did not own  which extremely limited my ability to  play against other  people online, so I opted to put Xenoverse down and just wait the few months for Xenoverse 2.

When Bandai Namco was promoting Xenoverse 2  the things that really stuck out to me was …

  • new story mode.
  • Improved fight system.
  • a bigger world to explore.
  • The ability to choose your adventure, make decisions and change Dragon Ball history.
  • A better online experience.
  • New Game modes.

All this for £70 odd quid from the PS4 store, and to entice us even further to pre-order we were allowed to play the closed beta, so let me get into why I  feel that for the most players were absolutely conned with Xenoverse 2 and why I absolutely regret pre-ordering this game.

I am going to break down this review into talking about the bullet points  I mentioned above and rate them accordingly.

  • The closed Beta

This is an aspect which will not take much to cover.  As expected by many fans who based this Bandai Namco’s  past actions with both Xenoverse 1  online functionality and how they treat customers in general.

From the start of the closed beta, through the open beta actually playing the game was a gamble where a player had a small chance of actually getting to play with most of us sitting at a  world log in screen and not getting to play the game at all.

When we DID actually get into the game the beta story mode ended after a few worlds,  online battling was borderline impossible as the servers were broke.  Add this to the fact that most of the “new” features were disabled for both closed AND open beta and we were all left with a pretty shitty experience.  Absolutely NOT worth pre-ordering the game for!

  • new story mode.

One thing we were promised was an all new story mode and much like  my views on the  closed beta is will not take long to cover as  this “new  story / adventure / saga” or whatever you want to call it which we were promised was a flat out fabrication as the story mode was  very much the same as what I had played through in Xenoverse 2

Woohoo … Bardock in it. Sadly this aspect was about the only thing that made the story mode different.

Many of the missions were borderline clones of the missions of the first game  where  you were fighting in  the exact same  levels, just in 60FPS

This was one of the biggest let downs of the game. I enjoyed the story mode but at the same time, with every level, i was sitting thinking “I played this in Xenoverse 1 “.

It was almost like story mode was an afterthought.  I was very disappointed by this by the time I finished it.

What makes this worse is that the DLC has added nothing extra in this aspect, making it a total waste of time.  I bought the  “Season pass” to get content, not just to have characters unlocked and a few moves tweaked.

  • Improved fight system.

The fighting system in Xenoverse 2 is something I have Zero issues with, in fact, I actually love it!  As a massive fan of fighting games starting all the way back with Street Fighter 2, the fighting control system within games like this are a big part of what  I enjoy.  There is nothing worse than playing a fighting game that has a sluggish or over complicated  fighting system and

There is nothing worse than playing a fighting game that has a sluggish or over complicated  fighting system .  Xenoverse 2 manages to take what could be an extremely complex  fight system and, just like in Xenoverse 1, have managed to make both the controls tight and easy to pick up and use for even a casual player.

My only gripe is that players were able to take their characters from Xenoverse 1 into 2, moves and all so for people like me who was going from a xbox360 to a ps4, I had to start from square one whilst others were miles ahead in level, moves and general ability.

Given the time any seasoned fighting game could easily start playing Xenoverse 2 and become a great warrior but like every game, in this genre, it takes time and practice … lots of practice, but summing up the fighting system it gets top marks from me. The fact that they are listening to fans and tweaking it as needed with updates reinforced my belief that is a  solid game in this aspect.

I did not pay the money to simply fight people online, though, and this is where these issues begin.

  • A bigger world to explore.

Much like the fighting system,  I do not have many issues with as we were given a much bigger world in Xenoverse 2 compared to 1 but I do have issued linked to the new world given to us in Xenoverse 2.

When you enter Xenoverse 2, you enter the new hub world of Toki Toki  City which is a large area, We are not talking Skyrim or  GTA big but for a hub world, it is big but feels more like an MMO hub world as opposed to a story based fighting game.

Toki Toki city also gives players access to all the same things that we had access to in Xenoverse 1 including all the new Masters to be trained by and the special  “events”.

One of the things which starts out fun but quickly becomes a bit of a grind are the 5 other time bubble type areas. You can go to Guru’s and house, Frieza’s ship amongst other things but like I say they quickly become annoying “go and retrieve” or “go and kill” sub missions that just waste time.  They can be fun the first few times but after that, they are a drag.

The games Special events (like Frieza attacking Toki Toki city) are something that MASSIVELY annoys me about the game.  The events are a big part of the game’s content  but, and this is a huge BUT …  you can only play them during very specific times that work more like an MMO  as opposed to the type of game which was advertised.

Due to the fact that I study, I work and I do things like making videos and editing this website I like a lot of people do not have the time to play this game every day or even every weekend.

Many of the games new experiences to explore are on these sorts of MMO  type event timers which is massively unfair to many.  We have paid to play ALL  this event content but we cant  simply because we cannot be online at a certain time.  Had Bandai Namco told players about this before hand I  know as a fact I would not have bought this game  (at least not pre-owned anyway!).

You CAN fly around  Toki Toki City which is super fun and pretty much all I end up doing these days as the thought of doing a mission  I already played in  Xenoverse 1 just puts me off.  There are only so many times I want to collect the Dragon balls on Namek or fight Beerus.

There is also a World Tournament although tit has NEVER been open for me to play.  It is just another reminder to me w every time I turn the game on that yup Stevie, you wasted money here.

  • The ability to choose your adventure, make decisions and change Dragon Ball history.

This was a flat out lie. In no way does any decision you make impact the story you are playing through in any way.  You are never once given a decision in the story mode that gives players an alternate version of the story mode to play.

You simply do not have the ability to make decisions within the story or influence Dragon Ball history in ANY way!

  • A better online experience.

Again, lies!  From day one of the betas’s the servers had issues. On launch, these issues cleared up a little bit but on the whole, the online experience is still shit.

For the most, my online play experience involves sitting in lobbies which drop me for no reason when trying to find someone to fight (as there is nothing else to do after story mode*!)   before the game itself decides there is some sort of server issue and puts me back to the initial  world entry screen, which is something that does not exist.

*I do not count PQ’s in here, just like the story mode they are borderline identical to the PQ’s in Xenoverse 1.  Some of them are literal clones of the Xenoverse 1 Parallel quests such as the classic “Find Dragon Balls on Namek” or the great “kill 20 Freiza minions in a tiny annoying ship map”

Poor online experiences are something that going by the views of the communities which play Bandai Namco’s games is sadly common within the Xenoverse franchise and most games released by Bandai Namco these days.

  • New Game modes.

In Xenoverse 2 we were given a few new game modes, some of which good but as I mentioned in the last section  they can become more of a grind than fun fast.

The bulk of the “new game modes” are tied into the  Hub worlds added areas which you enter via time distortions which fly high above  Toki Toki City.  These involve a  Capsule Corp  world where you can train  fight along with Saiyaman, Frieza’s ship where you can join the Frieza army and fight with them and of course Guru’s house … the most annoying of them all where  every so often you are called to protect Guru which involves yet another fight in that bloody Namek level!

The other Game modes are the thing that makes me most annoyed with my decision to buy this game.  These modes are time-based events which involve teaming up with groups of online players to take on  a big challenge or just defend Toki Toki from a threat.  My issue with these events is the time-based nature of a lot of these events as for myself and many other players  who cannot drop everything at the weekend to play  a new level

My issue with these events is the time-based nature of a lot of these events as for myself and many other players who cannot drop everything at the weekend to play a new level.  These events are treated more like the events of an MMO where players know they have to be online all the time to play the game and that is not the experience Bandai Namco promoted.

MMO’s are something I avoid for these exact reasons. I do not have the time to receive the content I have already paid for on the schedule of a company that seems to think everyone who has paid for this game can just drop everything to sync with there schedule.

In Closing

In closing my thoughts on Xenoverse 2 are that of conflicted anger.  On one side of things  I love that there is a good fighting game that has pretty much all the  Dragon Ball franchise characters I would expect to have but sadly the rest of the game and what we were promised that turned out to be bullshit completely overshadows my love of the game and want to play it.

The best way I can sum  Xenoverse 2 up is by comparing it to street fighter 2 series.

I think of Xenoverse 1 as Street Fighter 2 with  Xenoverse 2  being nothing but the  Xenoverse equivalent of Super Street Fighter as it only gives us few new characters, a few new moves, slightly better graphics.

On the whole Xenoverse 2 is just a touched up rerelease of Xenoverse 1 and because of that  and the   blatent lies about the story mode and its freedom  of decision I will never trust Bandai Namco  on anything they say about an upcoming game and me will NEVER EVER (digitally at least) pre-order a game  as in this case I Spend  a chunk of money for  something that for the most was  the same as what I had played a few months period.

I guess I have to give this Game a rating, lets go got Kamehameha’s

I would give this game 4 Kamehameha’s out of 10.  I give it a 4 as the game IS playable and  if you can get  it pre-owned or cheap I would say give it a try,  play the story  or just play  offline battles with friends (the best part of the game IMO)  but be warned , if you have ever played xenoverse 1 and want a brand new Xenoverse experience   or you are expecting to be able to do all the things Bandai Namco promised prior to release then just put the box down and walk away as its not worth the time Bandai will expect you to put in!