Was Scotland Mis-Sold Staying in the UK (RE:Brexit) : ABZ Podcast

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The ABZ Podcast

Hosted by Stevie

In this episode of ABZ Stevie asks “Was Scotland mis-sold on the EU in regards to Brexit?”.

Scotland was promised many things by Westminster in return for the No vote all the way back in 2014, most of them based on Scotland having a continued place within the EU is we chose to stay in the UK.

I also ask “Did the UK Government actually promise Scotland EU Membership?” and busy a myth or two…

…and then I show categorically why Scotland is deserved the right to at least hold a second referendum so we can decide if we want to REMAIN in the EU and the UK.

A lot of “promises” were made and it seems we have been taken for fools, those promises crushed and thrown into the wind.

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