Scottish Government express ‘deep disappointment’ in Prime Minister via Freedom of Information release

Scottish Government express 'deep disappointment' in damning Freedom of Information ABZ Media
Scottish Government express 'deep disappointment' in damning Freedom of Information ABZ Media
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On December 17 2018, Theresa May, in an address to (UK) Parliment stated that she had ‘been working directly with the Scottish Government on Brexit’, a claim that seemed to fly in the face of most previously released facts at that time. 

Theresa May told Scottish MP's that she had been working directly with the scottish government on Brexit December 17 2018

Theresa May – Dislikes Scotland?

A Recent Freedom of Information request by ABZ Media has led to the publication of the Scottish Governments strongest expression of displeasure in relation to the lack of engagement with Theresa May and her Westminster Government in regards to Brexit, only 52 days from this article being published. (March 29 2019, unless something happens before then).

IN the released FOI document, The Scottish Government stated: “they have been deeply disappointed with quality of engagement from the UK Government since the EU referendum“. The releases goes on to offer up details on meetings between the Scottish Government and UK Government (which the Prime Minister had direct involvement in) relating to EU exitalthough, going on to give the Caveat that the “information does not amount to evidence of meaningful engagement or collaboration from the UK Government“.

A large part of the Data published from our request to the Scottish Government details information on all meetings between the Westminster Government and Scottish Government, where Prime Minister Theresa May was present as well as a wave of other Committees and hearings (all of which I will be looking at in the coming days so we can examine the ‘direct’ working relationship between PM May and the Scottish Government).

HOlyrood - Scottish Government building - Scottish Government release Damning FOI documents detailing 'deep disappointment'

The Scottish Government – Angry

Worrying, is a comment from Scottish Government that came below the paragraph that listed the various ‘committees’ that Theresa May had an input in, the release went on to say “However, the Scottish Government has been consistently clear that despite this engagement taking place, the UK Government has taken little or no account of the position of the Scottish Government and that the level of engagement on EU exit has fallen short of that which was envisioned by the Terms of Reference of the Joint Ministerial Committee (EU Negotiations).”

It is usually  normal practice for Freedom of Information publications to be drab, information-heavy documents that provide no comment or political stance, opting for dry facts. The answer to this Freedom of Information request provides a real insight into the feelings of Scottish Government, who seem to have taken this opportunity to release its true feelings on the matter in as unabashed a manner as many have seen so far in the entire Brexit Saga.

I will have more analysis of this, later this week.

(Our FOI Asked the Following questions)

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