Results show that Brexit is Dividing society!

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is british society divided - thumbnail
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Society is Divided, or at least that’s what I (and many others) thought, but we never had a way to prove that this was definitely the case, so I wanted to and build a picture of public opinion on this topic. I was not sure at first how to go about this, I did consider taking to the streets of Aberdeen with a clipboard but remembered that there are ways to get better data without leaving my desk, so, I created the first (of many) ABZ Media online survey on the topic of Divisions in British society before, during and after the EU Referendum (and the onset of Brexit).

I have tried to create a survey that asks the public their views on Divisions in British Society Before, During and after the EU Referendum in a way that can help build a picture of the public’s feeling on this topic at different moments over the last few years.  I also asked everyone if there was a version of Brexit that can be delivered (by anyone) that could heal the UK’s divisions.


Question 1: How did you vote in the EU Referendum?

How did you vote in the EU Referendum? ABZ Media UK Divisions Survey


For the first question, I wanted to get a picture of exactly who was coming to the Survey, mainly so I could see that I was getting a balanced amount of respondents. This question will also allow us to filter results for Remainders / Leavers / Abstainers (which will be released in a follow-up article).

The only interesting part here was the 7% of respondents who did not Vote in the referendum, I was not expecting to get many here. My message to the 7%, in the future, to try and avoid situations like Brexit … GO AND VOTE!!!


Question 2: In your opinion, how divided do you feel the UK was before Brexit?

How divided do you feel the UK was before the EU Referendum? ABZ Media UK Divisions Survey


With Question 2 I wanted to start building my image of how the UK felt before the EU referendum had been announced.  My expectation on the answer to this question was that  the majority of answers would be across ‘Normal’ and ‘Moderate’, as no matter how happy we feel society is, it will always have a few subconscious divisions that cannot be avoided as groups of people who share interests will always flock together, this ‘normal’.

It was surprising to me that so many people, in that point in time through the UK was already very divided, with 45% of the respondents telling us they felt that British society had ‘A great deal of Division’ before the EU Referendum had occurred.


Question 3: Do you feel the EU Referendum Divided society?

Do you feel the EU Referendum Divided the UK? ABZ Media UK Divisions Survey


Question 3 looked at the time period of the EU Referendum, from its announcement up to the day the Referendum happened.

At the less divided end of the scale, there was a 14% drop in the amounts of people who think Society experiences ‘Normal amounts’ of Division (7%) and a 6% drop in those who think Society is ‘Moderately’ divided (18%). We see large a change in opinion, with 73% of people thinking Society is now either ‘moderately divided’ or ‘very divided’. (28% / 45%). This rise in the Moderately and Very divided opinion looks to be mainly driven by a view that the EU Referendum was a period of time which created a definite division in society.  This could also point to pre-existing tensions being inflamed by the politics which surrounded the EU Referendum.


Question 4: How Divided do you feel Brexit has made British Society?

How Divided do you feel Brexit has made the UK? ABZ Media UK Divisions Survey

Question 4 asks the question of how divided do people feel British society is now, after 2 and a half years of Brexit chaos. Only 12% of respondents thought that Society was ‘not any more’ to ‘moderately’ divided and we saw a 2% drop in the view that society was ‘a lot more’ divided. The biggest swing was to the opinion that there is now ‘a great deal more division’, where we saw a massive jump to 63%.

The results of this question show us that 88% of people who completed the survey now believe that society is now either ‘a lot divided’ or ‘a great deal divided’, which confirmed what I have both observed and experienced, that society has now become very divided.


Question 5: Do you think there can be a version of ‘Brexit’ that can heal any divisions that exist in British Society?

Do you think there is a version of Brexit that can fix divisions in the UK ? ABZ Media UK Divisions Survey


In the last Question of our survey, I wanted to ask a very simple question about the end of the whole Brexit process, is there a version of Brexit that can bring together British society and heal some of the divisions that have formed since the EU Referendum? What we can ascertain from this question is that the majority of those who took part in our survey believe that there is no form of Brexit that can heal the divisions that now exist in society, with 63% of people choosing this option and 35% believing that there is a version of Brexit that can heal society.

The results of this question (and every other question in this survey) could be taken a number of ways. While they can be used to show a clear split in opinion between realists and believers, it could also be used to show that there is actually still a strong belief by many in society that Brexit can work. (It is in the eye of the beholder).

I would love to be able to say I was one of those in the ‘2%’ area of the survey, choosing to see the best in society, a society that is not divided but sadly, that is not the case as for a long time, I have seen and felt the divisions form, fester and grow. I am very much someone who wants to be positive, and really wants society to come together, there will be a way but I don’t think Brexit will be the answer.

I really do hope that society can overcome these divides and come together, this is what we, the public need. All that we need to do is learn to give a little, just a little, so we can try (even just a small bit) to find common ground with people so we can get rid of the silly problems in society.

This Survey was build using the opinions of 100 people. Due to my limited resources (mainly money), If in the future I can get the funds or sponsorship, I would love to run this survey with a much bigger sample size. (If you want to help, get in touch!)

Thank you for reading this article. I would love to hear what everyone else view is on the results of this Survey. You can contact me on twitter @stevieCABZ any time, You can email any feedback to

Written by Stevie Smith.

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