Is Conservative MP Ross Thomson a DANGER to Aberdeen? : #ABZ Podcast

is TORY ross thomson MP (aberdeen south) a danger to aberdeen
is TORY ross thomson MP (aberdeen south) a danger to aberdeen
is TORY ross thomson MP (aberdeen south) a danger to aberdeen

is TORY ross thomson MP (aberdeen south) a danger to aberdeen

In this podcast, I ask the long winded question “Is Conservative MP Ross Thomson a DANGER to Aberdeen ?”

(For over a month, I have misspelt Ross’s name… Dyslexia people! hah. if you see errors please let me know!)

I am from and live within one of the greatest (subjective) working-class areas in Scotland, know politically as ‘Aberdeen South’.  sadly though, we have one blemish in our area, that being our Conservative Member of Parliment Ross Thomson.

Over his year and a bit in power, it has become clear that Ross Thomson’s primary focuses are a ‘Hard Brexit’ and the ‘British Union’ while also showing an undying love of Donald Trump and everything he stands for.

With it looking like Brexit is being deliberately wrecked by nasty people within the Conservative party, and the prospect of a ‘No-Deal’ situation looking like a true, and scary reality, I felt it was my duty as a citizen and small-time investigative journalist to try and get information directly from Ross Thomson on his current views on Brexit and on Jacob Reese Moggs “European Research Group”, who are bulldozering  us towards a No-Deal. (Spoilers, he Is an ERG member).


ON this podcast, I mention a few websites, you can find these below.

‘EU referendum: The result in maps and charts’

‘‘Hard’ Brexit could cost each person in Aberdeen £2,300’

Aberdeen to be worst hit by Brexit but all British cities will suffer – report

Below is a copy of the relevant email questions I asked and his answers…

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your email. Please see below answers to your questions:

1/ Is Ross Thomson a member of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “European Research Group”? 

Yes, I am a member of the ERG with around 60 other colleagues.

2/ What are Ross’s views on the PM’s latest Brexit offer, which was agreed on at Chequers on 6th July 2018?

I do not support the Chequers Plan as it is. You can read my comments on the plan here:

3/ Aberdeen South voted No to Scottish Independence as David Cameron promised that Westminster would not remove Scotland from the European Union against their own will then in EU Referendum, again, Aberdeen South proudly voted to remain IN the EU. What are your views on this situation?

In 2013 David Cameron announced there would be a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. The Scottish Government White Paper recognised this UK referendum and on page 217 argued that the “advantage of independence is that the people of Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against our wishes”. This was in the SNP’s guide for an independent Scotland, it was part of a very lengthy campaign, and with all the issues to hand the people of Scotland and Aberdeen South voted to stay in the UK, in the knowledge that there would be a UK wide referendum on our EU membership.

In the EU referendum, the UK, voted to leave the EU. To say “proudly” vote Remain. That’s very subjective. The majority of Remain voters, although not overly happy with the result, respect the result and want the Government to get on with it. That is why poll after poll consistently shows that the Scottish people and the people of Aberdeen South do not now or ever want another Independence referendum.

So Scotland voted to stay in the UK, the UK voted to leave the EU. You can’t demand a re-run just because you don’t like the result.

4/ In Westminster, it is common for you to intervene with very ‘unique’ questions, but mostly jibes. Who writes what you say in Westminster? (I was asking why he talks shit, as politelly as I could)

This question doesn’t make any sense. I ask my own questions and interventions. I’m very active in the Commons which is why in one year I have done more to represent my constituents in the Commons than my SNP predecessor did in two years.

5/ Next week, Donald Trump is coming to the UK, it is a widely known fact that he owns a large golf estate in Aberdeenshire, Will Trump be visiting his Golf course in Aberdeenshire next week?

I’m afraid the White House do not involve me in the President’s diary arrangements.

(All that fawning over Tump got him nowhere)

Ross thompson email signoff

Ross thompson email signoff

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