EXCLUSIVE : The #VicarGate Story – Part 1 #ABZ Podcast

#vicargate exclusive #abz podcast part 1
#vicargate exclusive #abz podcast part 1

EXCLUSIVE : The #VicarGate Story – Part 1 #ABZ Podcast
ABZ Podcast

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EXCLUSIVE: The #VicarGate Story – Part 1

The final weekend of November was one of the most surreal and amazing experiences in all my time on Social media, my first big news story!

In this podcast, I tell the whole #Vicargate story, from my perspective, which is something I wish I had been able to do from the start, but there is the argument that if I covered this story in the same way I covered everything else, noone would have seen it and it would never have trended at number 1 in the UK (on Twitter).

This is the story of the weekend when Stevie Smith, one of the lowest ranking Journalists, or “Investigative Podcasters” in the UK Exposed “BBC Newsnight’s” use of Actors, living metaphors and passive lies, to warp the perceptions of the UK into doing what our Government and “impartial” national broadcaster wants us to do!

As the recording went to nearly an hour long, I took the decision to split the Podcast into 2 parts for easier listening, both parts (should be) available NOW! 

In Part 1, I cover the first half of the investigation, including …

  • How and when I first came across the story.
  • My initial reactions.
  • The moment where I realised “this is a real story”.
  • Who was Lynn?
  • The initial research and discovery of facts.
  • The lead that broke the story wide open!
    (All research can be found via my Twitter @StevieCABZ . Alot for the evidence is spread over many Twitter threads. I will endevour to bring them all together into one web page as soon as I can. )

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on this story, I am always contactable on Twitter @StevieCABZ.


Let me know what YOU thought of the Vicargate story, by heading to Twitter and using the #VicarGate hashtag.

I have so many people to thank, for helping me with the research (something covered in part 2), I think  that I managed to personally thank every person who helped via twitter, but If I missed you out, and to all the Journalists, activists and LORDS, who took this story and made this go viral, THANK YOU!

This, as I said, is my first big story, so the fact that people took it, and made it a true sensation very humbling.

I have been researching and analysing media Bias and lies for a long time now. I Am currently a mature student, and completely self-funded which makes this kind of investive journalism quite hard.

If you would like to see me break more stories, and blow more holes in mainstream medias political Veil, please consider supporting my endeavours by becoming a Patreon and chipping in a few $$(or £ … be the first!) or head to my (redbubble) store, and buy yourself a #VicarGate a mug, t-shirt or some just Stickers! (all products are made of a very high quality!)


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