World of Trash LIVE – North Korea Tunnel Collapse, Hitler Confirmed [ABZ]

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World of Trash LIVE – North Korea Tunnel Collapse, Hitler Confirmed [ABZ]
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World of Trash LIVE – The 2017 low key Podcast ReLaunch!

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North Korea Tunnel Collapse, Hitler Confirmed in South America, WWE Raw and more …

It has been a few years since the original “Trashcast” style Podcasts / Live broadcasts.  This is something I have wanted to get back up and running. So after much much procrastination, I’m Back!

In the first episode of the Neo-Trashcast era, I am coming in hard with some big stories that you won’t hear in the mainstream media.

I am talking about the current situation in North Korea where one of their Nuclear Test site tunnels, which is on a mountain, has started to collapse. As of recording, it was reported that 100-200 people are trapped and the mountain could lose its top which will lead to Nuclear Fallout in that region.

I talk about the possible accidental revelation that has come from the recently released (by the CIA) “JFK Assassination Files” which go into detail about Adolf Hitler’s possible life after World War 2 … In South America!

Hosted by me,  Stevie a.k.a. Trash. (I just go with Stevie these days).

When I say I have a lot to talk about, I really mean it!  I would love to hear your views on these topics though!

If you have any feedback on this week’s topics you want me to read on the next episode if you have some news or you have an idea for the show please contact

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