ABZ 003 – Why I was wrong to vote to LEAVE the EU! (Archive)

ABZ 003 – Why I was wrong to vote to LEAVE the EU! (Archive)
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I voted to Leave the EU. I was one of those idiots who Voted for Brexit. In this episode, i detail why I voted this way, and what led me to believe I made a massive mistake to vote left! (I F*cked up)

(This is an old , archived show, pre #ABZ days, when it was more just me chatting. This is not the same format as #ABZ is now.)

Nov 23, 2017

Trashcast Radio 003 – Why I was wrong to vote for BREXIT! (and more!)image: https://assets.libsyn.com/secure/show/63207/world_of_trash_podcast_trashcast_radio_003.png23rd November 2017

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Recorded live and unedited from my front room comes the World of Trash podcast, hosted by Stevie “bigdaddycool” Smith.

This week, talk about..

  • What I did last week, which was going to ICW’s Fear and Loathing X event at the Hydro in Glasgow… (which is a happy fuse to blow!).
  • I talk about some of the BS that spews from the online mouth of Britain First and their online young team of like-minded, blindly racist fools.
  • I tell my story about why I chose to vote to LEAVE the EU in the UK’s Brexit referendum, and what led me to see that I had made a massive, and naive mistake!

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There is a small rant about the new Doctor Who as its Doctor Who and being my podcast I can finally talk unhindered without being labelled “not a real fan” or a misogynist.  It is seemingly impossible to talk about this online.

AND LASTLY, its budget week so I pick apart one of the stealth taxes on the poor for this Autumn’s serving of horse manure from the mouth of Phillip Hammond

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