Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast

Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast
ABZ Podcast

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On this week’s show,

11 Million Pounds used in the Madeline McCann search.

  • £11 Million pounds spend over 11 years.
  • What could YOU actually buy with £11 Million?
  • I think that sadly Maddie died 11 years ago, I have no idea how.
  • Why were the parents never punished for this?
  • Loads of other kids in the UK have gone missing in the UK and the parents never got this much help, most likely as they are in the working classes and not the child of a Doctor.

SPOILERS – Corbyn is not anti-semitic!

For some reason, the mystery ” im going to change the pitch of your recorded audio down midway through the show for absolutely no reason” bug striked again, so if for some reason you think it sounds slightly different during the second half, then guess what, you are right.  I  SERIOUSLY need some new equipment!

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Breaking down the current Anti-Semitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn. 

(Who do I think is causing the trouble, and why!)

  • Is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record on Jewish / anti-semitic issues within Government.
  • 10 examples Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-Semite.
  • 10 MORE EXAMPLES of Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is as Anti-Semitic compared to …
  • My thoughts and feelings on the Jeremy Corbyn Smears as a Labour party member and who is to blame for these nasty political smears.
  • Two faced MP’s who are only in the job for the pension.
  • Are YOU an Anti-Semite? … How do you know if you are?

This weeks show was a fun rant of a show. There is so much bullshit coming from political media these days with the propaganda levels being turned up to 20 by the Russian Government and to around 30 by our own Government.

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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)
ABZ Podcast

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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

I am a labour party member and have been for more than 2 years.

I am not an anti-semite, I am not racist, I am not in any way sectarian not do i have a problem with anyone of any sexual orientation.

This is why I joined the Labour party!

So taking all that into account, let’s think about the current smears on the Labour party, which are coming from (sadly) within the party more than anywhere else.

Why Am I PAYING to be a member of a party that lets its infighting stop us from gaining power??

In this podcast, I ask that question!

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Lets Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – (ABZ Archive)

Lets Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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Let’s Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – ABZ Podcast
Mar 6, 2018

This week (as I needed a break from UK Politics and Brexit) I thought I would start a new theme which will creep up from time to time when I need to get away from Westminster.  So for this, let me introduce you all to “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories”!

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In episodes of “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories” the theme will be to have a look at some of the most well known or controversial Conspiracy theories and work out how full of crap they are OR if there is actually any truth to them.

For this podcast and every other one in the future that will be heavy on information and sources, I will be creating pages on the site which can be used to follow along with me, checking sources and images for yourself.

This weeks Source page can be found here

The conspiracies we are talking aout this week are …

OK, so this weeks show was a trip. I will be recording part 2 very soon (before the next podcast) so if you want to see the podcast BEFORE it is uploaded in audio format, remember to follow me on Periscope!

I will Definitely have to revisit the topic of MH17 / MH370. I came into this weeks show thinking what I believed in these situations was rock solid, now I am not so sure… this is why we talk about things.

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Jon Venables Identity leaked and Stinson Hunters new project (ABZ Archive)

Jon Venables Identity leaked and Stinson Hunters new project (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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Jon Venables Identity leaked and Stinson Hunters new project – ABZ
Feb 22, 2018

This week on the ABZ Podcast we are talking Child Protection type issues. I will have a few more Podcasts coming in the next few months which will cover (in depth) the Facebook Paedophile hunters as well as (hopefully) chatting to the man who every other Paedophile hunter seeks to emulate … Stinson Hunter!

TOPIC ONE this week is the latest leak/ release of Jon Venables latest Identity and location. The release was coordinated with “UK Database” (AWESOME WEBSITE) and most of the other facebook Paedophile hunters (all 95+ of them!)

The main question I have on this topic is “Does Jon Venables deserve his anonymity”, should he still have this right when he is using this to essentially be a Government protected Paedophile?

TOPIC TWO this week has me talking about the are mentioned Stinson Hunters aka “The Paedophile Hunter” (the original one). Stinson Hunters have recently released his latest project “talking with the paedophiles”. IN this new and very cutting edge series, Stinson is interviewing Paedophiles and sexual predators he has caught before. In episode one, he interviews “Chris” … Hear my response by listing to the full podcast here …

Talking with the Paedophiles –

Stinson Site –

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TNA Impact fan site owner Chris Regal Faked his Cancer Death [CONFIRMED] #RANT! (ABZ Archive)

TNA Impact fan site owner Chris Regal Faked his Cancer Death [CONFIRMED] #RANT! (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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TNA Impact fan site owner Chris Regal Faked his Cancer Death [CONFIRMED] #RANT! (ABZ Archive)

This whole situation made me angry, it is a story I had been following for a year and always knew he was faking his death.

The effect this lie had was massive, affecting literally hundreds of thousands of people throughout the wrestling world!

This is a story I have been following for a while … PODCAST AT BOTTOM OF PAGE! It turns out TNA fansite ( owner Chris Regal, who “died” of Cancer (that he had never disclosed) had actually never died and had faked it all, blaming this all on depression (and a borderline Kevin spacey excuse).

This story very much triggers me as I not only know people who have both tried to and managed to commit suicide due to Mental Illness but I have my own mental illnesses which I have dealt with over the years, so this REALLY pisses me off. I have be following,g , even gaining my own proof his non dead status around October 2017 . (I tried to take over his domain, but a person who was dead managed to renew manually haha).

It is doubly angering as I also know people who have battled with Cancer and family members who have passed away due to cancer … that claim is just as scummy!

If you are suffering from any suicidal thoughts PLEASE do not sit on them or act on them, Life is awesome, Death will be boring as shit and you will only hurt those around you, so if you or anyone you know are in this sort of mindset please go to your local suicide advice charity!

UK –

UK –


*I made an error. “George” on TNA was Chris Regals admin account but when Chris faked his death he changed the name to George and his “brother”, who never used the forum or even watched TNA now became the admin using the George psudoname… This was Chris Regal the whole time! I am just glad this whole situation is over.

The reason I have made this is like I said, this triggers me. People who not only fake cancer but fake their death, affecting possibly thousands of people (due to its very emotive and sad nature). It is in the public interest that this story remains so he cannot do this to people again. Messing with peoples emotions on this level for some attention is just not acceptable.

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5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)

5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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5 ways to win the next UK General Election (2018 ??) – (ABZ Archive)
Feb 17, 2018

The UK currently has possibly one of its most feeble Governments of all time, lead by the weakest Prime Minister in living memory.

“Teflon Theresa May” is how she will be remembered.

So it is very easy for me to say that it there will most likely be a General Election, this year … In 2018 ( in case she somehow lasts ANOTHER year!).

I am a Mild Mannered and motivated maker of media who while trying to find a job has resolved myself to just keep making media to keep busy. If your wish is to do something nice then you can do something nice by supporting the channel. Visit to donate (perks soon… Crowdfunding is new to me) or by visiting my Redbubble shop and buying some stickers, mugs, hoodies or Tshirts 😀 (Click Here!)

In this Episode of ABZ, I (Stevie) had an idea. I am going to try and think up 5 solid ways The Labour Party, The Conservatives and even the Liberal Democrats can win the next general election…

So I give to you all …

  • FIVE WAYS The Labour Party can WIN the next General election.
  • FIVE WAYS The Conservative Party can HOLD POWER in the next General Election
  • FIVE WAYS The Liberal Democrats can win some seats back.

This is a break from Brexit, Back to the grind next week. I am working on a few interviews, one I am going to pull my finger out of my ass and get done as Brexit will end at some point.

BRexit is the monkeys paw of politics pawlitics
BRexit is the monkeys paw of politics pawlitics

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Was Scotland Mis-Sold remaining in the UK RE #Brexit (ABZ Archive)

Was Scotland Mis-Sold remaining in the UK RE #Brexit (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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Was Scotland Mis-Sold Staying in the UK (RE: Brexit) : ABZ Podcast
Feb 10, 2018

Hosted by Stevie

In this episode of ABZ Stevie asks “Was Scotland mis-sold on the EU in regards to Brexit?”.

Scotland was promised many things by Westminster in return for the No vote all the way back in 2014, most of them based on Scotland having a continued place within the EU is we chose to stay in the UK.

I also ask “Did the UK Government actually promise Scotland EU Membership?” and busy a myth or two…

…and then I show categorically why Scotland has deserved the right to at least hold a second referendum so we can decide if we want to REMAIN in the EU and the UK.

A lot of “promises” were made and it seems we have been taken for fools, those promises crushed and thrown into the wind.

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Sources below

When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)

When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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When the hunter becomes the hunted - James o' Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee (ABZ Archive)
Feb 9, 2018

For a bit of context, lately, I have been doing a lot of research into online paedophile hunters and how they operate for a short documentary and podcast which will be coming to both here and my Video Channels around March/April.

This week, a very interesting story came to my attention where BBC Northern Ireland Investigative Journalist Kevin Magee basically “stung” (jumped with cameras?) Online Paedophile hunter “James O’ Neil” on his doorstep… A very tacky option in my opinion.

(There had to be another way Kevin!)

This was followed up later by a retaliation “sting” with James and what I can only assume was another member of Silent Justice catching up with Kevin Magee in a coffee shop and following him around for a bit before the cops were called, you can watch that below. (contains ALOT of swearing!)

In this week’s podcast, I am just having a chat about this situation and a few other areas of this world which have affected me in my investigation into these groups. I give my overall view on both incidents and whether or not Kevin Magee was right to act how he did. in the first place.

If anyone from this group or incident would like to contact me, send an email to

Catch me on twitter if you want to talk about anything you have heard … or anything really @stevieCABZ

**(The youtube videos I have posted are posted by an account named “Steve Smith” … While this IS a pretty cool name I need to say that this is not me! This is the downside of having a name that is common as sh*t!).

The latest Facts the Ministry of Defences FOI requests – Stevie ABZ

The latest Facts the Ministry of Defences FOI requests – Stevie ABZ
ABZ Podcast

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The latest Facts the Ministry of Defences FOI requests – Stevie ABZ

List of crimes committed by UK MOD staff over the last three years - dated 13th December 2017
List of crimes committed by UK MOD staff over the last three years – dated 13th December 2017
Originally Recorded – Feb 9, 2018

This week, it’s a new concept. Catch me on Twitter @StevieCABZ If this goes well, every month I will be doing a show like.

This week we go into the UK Governments Freedom of Information request database and see what facts they are being forced to release! Governments LOVE to keep things secret and will try their hardest to make this reality, but thankfully, there was a limit put on what can and cannot be kept secret which led to the “Freedom of Information Act”.

Hundreds, if not Thousands of FOI Requests are made to Government and Local councils every week. Most Information requests are for things which may only interest one person, but sometimes they include a fact that EVERYONE should know.

This week, We look at the FACTS the Ministry of Defence have been FORCED to release, which includes “Do the Government sell old weapons”, “Do the Government sell old weapons to other countries?” (BS answer incoming!) “How many Ministry of Defence Police vehicles have been damaged by misfuelling accidents?”, “How many Soldiers have failed Drug tests within 4 months of 2017?”,  “What crimes have been committed by Ministry of Defence Civil Service Staff?” And loads more.

This show could have gone either way but thankfully, the MOD has released some interesting (and controversial) information this month! There are also released onto my YouTube channel, if you see this there please subscribe. In all honesty though f**k YouTube, I’m done with those clowns!

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The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK ; Subversion Special! (ABZ Podcast Archive)

The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK ; Subversion Special! (ABZ Podcast Archive)
ABZ Podcast

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The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK
Jan 19, 2018

The Anti-Brexit Movements are under ATTACK!

(Thumbnail Image is taken from the cover of Noam Chomsky’s book “Media Control”… Read IT!)

Contact me on Twitter @StevieCABZ

I am (or was for a bit) Activist for the Anti-Brexit movements on social media.  (I now realise that its easy to get caught up in modern activities, why, because we allow ourselves to be.  I may go back to this exact podcast topic soon!

One common theme in all groups is the influx of Trolls. Whenever a group or movement gets big enough they are attacked by people with interests from the right of politics.

I have recorded this podcast to hopefully help people be able to easily identify the shills, trolls, unknowing (sub-conscious) sockpuppets and the thousands of fake accounts.

This has been recorded for ALL Remain / Anti Brexit groups! I am not a member of any single group and follow them all. I continually find myself trying to steer debates from irrational vote changing back rhetoric onto the Anti-Brexit campaigning.

Twitter as a platform relies on Influencers, Influencers are pushed to the top of everyones feeds and many people take their words as gospel truth.  There are people at all levels, right up to politicians who are happy to use this technique to wrongly subvert people into their way of political thinking

Anyway, I have been waffling here, Listen to the show for all info!

(Important elements to look into if you want some further reading would be to look into “media control”, “perception management” and “subversion”).


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