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WWE 150 – NXT March 8th 2017

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Tye Dillinger vs EY starts the show. Young sends his cronies through the back, they return with a beaten Roderick Strong. They proceed to lay into Tye until No way Comes to his aid. 4 on 2 attack ensues and sanity stand over their fallen prey.

Aelister Black aka tommy end vignette next – much excitement for this!

Ho Ho Lun comes out to generic Asian music as all WWE Asians do.Cien wins relatively easy, finally getting momentum.

Billie Kay vs ember moon after some backstage antics. I like Kay’s look and skills are developing but she oversells to the max!

Revival vs ealy brothers. AOP interfere. Carnage ensues. Revival, like Tye and Nakamura are just waiting for call up.

Nakamura vs Perkins is the main event after interviews with Ohno and Roode. Nakamura wins an entertaining match of 2 faces , Regal announces that Nakamura will face winner of Ohno and Roode at Takeover.