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how to make miracle potra vegito more effective in dragon ball z dokkan battle

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Its as simple as this…

Make sure  Super Vegito is the  one who is set up to take whatever attacks  he can  and then pray to the RNG gods for  luck!

You can go all out with a mono AGL team but it will end in bad times.  For me, the best way iI have found to use  SSJ Vegito   is to have  him  teamed up (rainbow) with all my best fuesed Saiyan ‘s, SSJ preferably, Godtenks, Gogeta, the non  SSJ  TUR’d Vegito’s and any of the SSR gotenks  failures and Veku.  In my opinion this is one of the best team setups for  hitting non-stop   supers, It is no Nuking setup but man, it steams through 90% of levels without breaking a sweat!

TOP TIP : You probably already know this, but just in case you did not remember this ,  Super Vegito  is effective at blocking and countering ALL types (STR and so on) with the only thing he will not block and counter attack on will be Special Attacks.  (so BEWARE if you are  up against a tough  TEQ / INT boss.  If they hit you with a good super even our  Potara fused Dokkan legend will be taken out!

Roll on Version 3.*.* (what JP  have) and the Super Saiyan Blue  Vegito that gets not just a counter attack but also an ADDITIONAL ATTACK!

Happy Dokkaning everyone!


(i posted this as i noticed a leap in people looking for this very specific nugget of Dokkan  info.  I aim to please).