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Lucha Underground news breaking from this weekend is that MVP, who recently was signed for Lucha Underground has already been fired from his position of a Wrestler and Agent within the company.

Lucha underground wrestling logo

Lucha underground wrestling logo

Over Wrestlemania weekend MVP had been telling others about how happy he was to be working for MVP and that he was looking forward to this opportunity.

wrestler mvp

wrestler mvp

The story doing the rounds is that on a podcast in the last week MVP had been talking about upcoming story aspects in Lucha underground and it was this that he was fired for.  Lucha Underground are a company who clearly takes Kayfabe seriously although as mentioned by Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Live show ( the situation is baffling and a bit silly as it is widely known that Lucha Underground tape their shows nearly a year in advance with most upcoming angles and results already available for all to read on the internet.

MVP has released a video apology on the situation. [wpdevart_youtube]cm8ifagDiaU[/wpdevart_youtube]

If any more information breaks on this situation it will be reported.

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