Lets Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – ABZ Podcast

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Let’s Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – ABZ Podcast

This week (as I needed a break from UK Politics and Brexit) I thought I would start a new theme which will creep up from time to time when I need to get away from Westminster.  So for this, let me introduce you all to “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories”!

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In episodes of “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories” the theme will be to have a look at some of the most well known or controversial Conspiracy theories and work out how full of crap they are OR if there is actually any truth to them.

For this podcast and every other one in the future that will be heavy on information and sources, I will be creating pages on the worldoftrash.co.uk site which can be used to follow along with me, checking sources and images for yourself. 

This weeks Source page can be found here https://www.worldoftrash.co.uk/lets-talk-conspiracy-theories-part-1-abz-podcast/


The conspiracies we are talking aout this week are …


OK, so this weeks show was a trip. I will be recording part 2 very soon (before the next podcast) so if you want to see the podcast BEFORE it is uploaded in audio format, remember to follow me on Periscope!

I will Definitely have to revisit the topic of MH17 / MH370. I came into this weeks show thinking what I believed in these situations was rock solid, now I am not so sure? this is why we talk about things.

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