zeno , the omni king, dragon ball super strongest magical entity who rules the universe beerus kills zamasu in the timeline using his hakai destroy move ... is zeno zen-oh omniking the strongest being in the universe?

Just how strong is Zen-oh / Omni King? (DBS Discussion)

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Within the Dragon Ball community, these days with the Tournament of Power coming up people are asking the question …  Just how strong is Zen-oh / Omni king (or whatever you want to call him/it!).

My personal opinion is that while it is unquestionable that at the moment he Is the strongest being in the whole Dragon Ball Multiverse.  With this power, he though also brings with him an innocence and absolute lack of fighting skills which we can illustrate with the points below.

  • Zen-oh  (as I’m calling him) seems to be a child emperor archytype   character, this is illustrated by the zen-oh’s  innocence and playful attitude.  We can also use the  constant childlike questions that  zen-oh asks  of most  situations he has never seen before,
  • Zen-oh is ALWAYS surrounded by his guards who will not let anyone near him.   While I understand that any King would have guards the aggression showed by Zen-oh’s guards leads me to believe that they know he is vulnerable.
  • Zen-oh had never seen a fight until he heard about and went to watch the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Tournament (The Champa Arc).  How is it possible for someone to be the most powerful being in the universe if he can not defend himself from an attack, as he does not understand the concept of attacking … or at least he didn’t until he seen the tournament.


  • Zen-oh is a King. Kings come through following bloodlines and before you can become a  King you haver to be a prince, which means there must have been a King of Queen in the past,  again proving that whilst Zen-oh’s race is thee most powerful they are vulnerable and do die eventually.
  • Lastly (phew!), one majorly overlooked tit bit of Dragon Ball Multiverse lore is the Super Dragon Balls and their creation.  The super Dragon Balls were created by a being called Zalama, who was a Dragon God.  It has to be questioned as to whether Zalama would actually be stronger than  Zen-oh in the magical sense as this being had the power to create the super Dragon balls which can make ANY wish … ANY implying that it could supersede anything Zen-oh has done.   This would lead me to believe that there are more beings in the Dragon Ball Multiverse  that are not just stronger than Zen-oh in a fighting sense but in that godly  magical way that  Zeno-oh is.

In closing this little article I DO believe that Zen-oh is the most powerful being in existence in the Dragon Ball  Universe in a Magical sense, in the same wayBeerus or  Supreme Kai can create or destroy.  At the same time as we

At the same time as we must  acknowledge Zen-oh’s unrivaled magical  (I’m not sure what to call it, so I’m going with magic) powers that can create or destroy anything he wants without blinking an eye but at the same timer Zen-oh is a vulnerable child like being and if someone evil enough  and crafty enough to somehow mask their ki/energy and get the slip on his guards AND the Grand Priest they could, in my opinion, get a hit in on Zen-oh and kill him, or at least damage him .

While  I say all this though we must remember that Dragon Ball super for the most if aimed at people  of all ages including children  (mainly lol), so I do not  think we will ever see a character in Dragon Ball Super  who  would Kill Zen-oh, as it would be the equivalent of killing a child and Dayyyyyum … that would be some cold-hearted shit!

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree or heck, do you just want to say hello… whatever the answer leave a comment below on what you think or contact me on twitter @majinstevie

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