Javid confirms a NO-DEAL Brexit is STILL a possibility! #OvenReadyBullshit

sajid javid confirms that a no deal brexit is still on the table
sajid javid confirms that a no deal brexit is still on the table
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sajid javid confirms that a no deal brexit is still on the table

Sajid Javid confirms that no-deal Brexit is still on the table

It is rare that I try and start trending hashtags, but there is only one phrase that describes what the Majority of England has bought into last night #OvenReadyBullshit. (I can’t think of a better way to describe what people have voted for.)

On this VERY depressing winter morning, It took us all the way till 12:43 pm on the Friday 13th of December, for the Conservative party (via Sajid Javid) to confirm to the British public that the campaign for Boris to leave the EU using his “Oven read deal” was more pie-in-the-sky as opposed to being anywhere close to an Oven, or even a kitchen!#

So, as I sit here, depressed, despondent and numb, trying to absorb what has happened in #GE2019, Adam Boulton (Sky News) was interviewing  Sajid Javid on the topics of money and what will happen next with Brexit.

Adam had one very important question Slot Online, “does this new Tory majority mean that No-Deal will be off the table?”, a fairly easy question I  thought, a question that should be answered quickly by pointing to  Boris and his “Oven Ready” Brexit deal. Surprisingly (Well, not really,), Sajid Javid (as seen in the clip above) was unable to tell Boulton, and the British public, that “no-deal was off the table”.

The Conservative party only had one real policy and promice for the British people in 2019 General Election, that being to “Get Brexit Done” with Boris Johnsons “Oven-ready-deal” … “no more dither”, “no more delay”, only the quest to “Get Brexit Done”.

The Tories #GE2019 campaign revolved around the concept that Boris had his deal and it was going to be the political agreement we have ever seen and that it would end Brexit and let British politics get back to normal. It didn’t even take 12 hours for them to go back on their words, pivoting back to the position they always had in mind with “no-deal’ absolutely STILL on the table.

If the Tories refuse to leave the EU using any sort of a deal, this will be the biggest punch in the face the British Electorate will ever have reviewed. Ever since Boris took power, my view has been that he will only be happy with a no-deal Brexit, a view which is reinforced by Tories like Javid, making sure to keep No-Deal ALIVE!


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