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I hate registering to websites just to make a comment.

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We have all been there.

We are coming to the end of a tantalising read and that article has stirred something within you and you want … no, NEED to comment. Alas, though, in a lot of cases leaving that comment involves signing up to a web page, confirming an email and all sorts of bollocks.

It was this reason (and my cheapness) that I never opened up anything on the site to comments but all that has now changed!

From today onwards you can leave a comment on ANY post by way of your facebook account (user OR page … if you prefer to be more anon).

For all the more tech savvy types out there  I am sure that you will have noticed that this site is built by way of the WordPress engine (my favourite !). I had always been meaning to get round to finding a good plug in or find  some code to make this work but had  never got round to it.   Today I decided no more and went on the look out for decent facebook WordPress comments crossover type things that would allow users coming to the site (growing every day!) to comment using facebook,  without signing up to this WordPress site.

I ended up using the  “FB comments ”  Plugin which was super simple to implement and as far as I can see works well.  If anyone sees’s any issues with the site or just want to ask questions about how i work with this kind of thing message me @worldoftrash.
Fire away!  I wanna see comments!



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