Jon Venables identity leak and Stinson Hunters latest project – ABZ PREVIEW

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This week on the ABZ Podcast we are talking Child Protection type issues. I will have a few more Podcasts coming in the next few months which will cover (in depth) the Facebook Paedophile hunters as well as (hopefully) chatting to the man who every other Paedophile hunter seeks to emulate … Stinson Hunter!


TOPIC ONE this week is the latest leak/ release of Jon Venables latest Identity and location. The release was coordinated with “UK Database” (AWESOME WEBSITE) and most of the other facebook Paedophile hunters (all 95+ of them!)

The main question I have on this topic is “Does Jon Venables deserve his anonymity”, should he still have this right when he is using this to essentially be a Government protected Paedophile?

TOPIC TWO this week has me talking about the are mentioned Stinson Hunters aka “The Paedophile Hunter” (the original one). Stinson Hunters has recently released his latest project “talking with the paedophiles”. IN this new and very cutting edge series, Stinson is interviewing Paedophiles and sexual predators he has caught before. In episode one he interview “Chris” … Hear my response by listing to the full podcast here …

Talking with the Paedophiles –

Stinsons Site –

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(Jon Venables update …
Jon Venables, one of the boys who murdered the infant James Bulger in 1993, has been attacked in prison, according to reports in the Daily Star.

Venables, now 35 years old, was reportedly attacked with boiling water and scalded by a fellow inmate who had worked out his true identity.

He has been living under a fake identity since his initial release from prison in 2001, and has found himself back inside on several occasions for violating the terms of his release and, most recently, on child pornography charges.

It was explicitly stated in Venables’ release that he was not to travel to the Liverpool area, where he is from and where the crimes were committed, but it was revealed in the Liverpool Echo that he had attended concerts on Merseyside, as well as going to Everton matches.

He was also uncovered to have been arrested for cocaine possession and was in a relationship with an underage girl.)

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