Really, Riley? Has Rachel Riley turns Right-Wing Propagandist with political aspirations?

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In 2009, Rachel Annabelle Riley took the Entertainment Television world by storm when she joined Channel 4’s longest running show, Countdown, replacing human calculator Carol Vorderman. Ten years later, Double R has decided that it may be time for a career change, turning into what many people have described as a “Propagandist”.

In this article, we are going to try and map out the timeline of events from one key moment, and that being when the point where Rachel turned from (what seemed to be) an amicable and all around normal person into someone who attacks people on social media, making potentially damaging statements against her political enemies.

We will also be looking at the recent reports of Rachel Rileys political Aspirations, and for the purposed of future clarification (before reading further), this article will not cover Rachel’s heritage or the actual topic of “Anti-Semitism”. We will be focusing on her use of media to use this topic to shut down her enemies and attack other peoples enemies, such as the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, and Noam Chomsky as well as waves of Left-wing and Centrist activists.

From my personal perspective, which is the platform in which I view the world, Rachel Riley was not a name I had ever heard people talk about within political discourse. Rachel to me was the clever girl (genius) on Slot Gacor Hari Ini,  who also done Strictly, so when I began to see her name pop up on my timeline, I was shocked. It is no secret that I am a bit of a socialist, so it was not before long until it seemed like every 5 minutes her name was appearing, and it was never in a positive light.

I had to trace this transformation, from the normal person to propagandist, asking the questions ‘is Rachel Riley a Propagandist?’ and ‘is Rachel acting on her own accord?’.

The Timeline

Early September 2018: The Begining

In these earlier stages, Racheal was not mentioning Anti-Semitism at all, although she was able to portray this message easily by way of a few harmless memes.

Racheal tests the water with first real open criticism of corbyn

Racheal compares Corbyn to Mayor Sadiq Kahn

Racheal compares Corbyn to Mayor Sadiq Kahn

25th September 2018: Rachel’s first mention of ‘#Antisemitism’ on Twitter

(As mentioned, I have marked this point as the day it all began, as this is the main topic which she has used to attack those on the left and when she went from Passive attacks to Activley attacking. Images have been used in place of tweets in case of deletion, these tweets have been linked to.  )

Racheal Riley 'the state of the comments': first use of '#antisemitisim'

Rachel Riley ‘the state of the comments’: first use of ‘#antisemitisim’

Between this post in September, and December of 2018, Rachel posted very little on this topic other than information about her trip to witness the Auschwitz Holocaust memorial as well as posting many positive and empowering messages on Anti-Semitism. (most of which, for the record, I very much agree with).

Then came December …

9th December 2018: The thread where most of her smears and interesting interactions exist

The start of the juicy thread

The start of this thread started as one of her earlier rants against Labour Left Voices convener Sally Eason. Sally Eason has been subject to criminally motivated harassment by Right-wing ‘activists’, who continue to spread rumours that she is racist and Anti-semitic, which is very ironic due to Easons own Jewish heritage.  Rachel not only uses, but it could be said abuses, her large social media platform to regularly Project allegations against those she does not agree with.

This thread has many interesting attacks and interactions, mainly with Right-Wing propagandist @Gnasherjew, who regularly attempts to create trouble on social media by attacking left-wing political activists with allegations of racism and more.

TV’s Riley ‘meeting Rees-Mogg’ for ‘talks about potential political future’, says Rowe

The news that has come from The Skwawkbox seems to fill some of the Gaps in this story, but could there be more? The answer to this is yes as there have been leaks becoming public that point to Jacob Rees-Mogg may be the money man for the @GnasherJew propaganda account that Rachel seems to be helping.

To close this, in December, Rachel wrote “Conspiracy theories work because they cherry pick true facts, then paint totally insane stories on top of them. “Jews controlling everything” one is pretty old.”, and on this, I completely agree with her on all points. The whole “Jews control everything” conspiracy is, as she says, beyond redundant and is completely false, as no one person controls anything on this crazy planet.

I also agree with Rachel that conspiracy theories only work because people cherry pick facts to create their own Narrative, so instead of summing up the research that was done into the alleged smears and abuse that has come from her, I hope to have compelled you into finding your own answers.

If you would like to comment on this Article, please contact Stevie Smith @StevieCABZ on Twitter.

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