Gatwick Drone siege is not the first Drone related Incident at the Airport #DroneGate

The Gatwick Drone incident was not the first time
The Gatwick Drone incident was not the first time
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For nearly 24 hours, London’s Gatwick Airport has been forced to ground all flights after a being tormented by what is being reported as up to ‘possibly 4 Drones’. Over 100,000 individual passengers have been forced to change or cancel their trips home for this Christmas, with many in disbelief that an incident like this is possible.

The Disruption at Gatwick has promoted the Prime Minister to act, calling a meeting of COBRA and putting the Army on standby, commenting that it was ‘irresponsible’. The Governments Transport Minister, MP Chris Grayling, is coming under fire from the public with this incident is seen as another mistake in a long line of failures with the discovery being made that this is the second time a Drone has been reported trespassing into the Gatwick Airspace, another in a string of similar incidences in the UK

Incidents involving Drones flying into restricted airspace has been rising at alarming levels but as of yet, the UK’s airports are ill-equipped to deal with this threat. British Companies are working on radar systems that are specially made to deal with this threat although the Government has no plans in place to work with airports to address this threat. As of writing, the only thing that stands between potential Drone pilots and Airports is a list of guidelines known as the “Drone code”

In July 2017,  NATS ( formerly ‘National Air Traffic Services’),  published a video showing the Gatwick airport radar system dealing with a Slot Gacor, although a lot less sinister, incident that involved a Drone straying into the Gatwick Airspace. Sussex Police investigated this incident but no arrests were made.

As the Drone siege continued through the day, Sussex Police was seen to be calling in Armed Police, in what was assumed to be an attempt to shoot the Drone out of the Sky. The public on social media (myself included) have been following the incident in a sense of disbelief that in 2018 a person is able to hold an airport for near ransom with what is more or less an expensive toy.

It has also become apparent that due to its relatively tiny size when compared to an Airport (which really are massive areas), very little media showing Drones has surfaced, with one or two images (unconfirmed) and 2 videos. (Both videos in the Twitter thread below).

To see the Videos that show the Drones, the views of Twitter and any new evidence or media that surfaces, visit the Twitter thread below. (Follow me on Twitter @StevieCABZ . Click anywhere on the Tweet Box to load the thread)

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