For your own sanity stop reading the sun
For your own sanity stop reading the sun
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For your own sanity stop reading the sun

For your own sanity stop reading the sun

Inspired by the article “Banning The Sun is the Right Thing to Do – Well Done Livingston” by Scottish Socialist legend Tommy Sheridan.

Recorded live in Beautiful Aberdeen, Scotland

“For your own sanity STOP READING THE SUN!”

The Sun is one of the vilest entities in all of British media. In this episode, we look at some of the most horrid episodes in the history of this overproduced gossip column. Hillsborough, Phone Hacking, Chris Jeffries and must more horrid Sun-soaked history.

A few weeks ago, I received a message from Tommy Sheridan , I dont think it was directly to me, but i’ll take it!

In that message was a link to an article he had wrote for , on the discussion of if it was time to Ban the Sun newspaper, at least in private spaces in the same way Livingstone Football Club, and many other businesses have.

Its one of those episodes where I wanted to make sure what I said, was at least kind of on point, so forgive me as I had alot of notes, as in a script … Something I have not done in a few months. (Dyslexia and scripts do not mix people! Its about 35-40 minutes long, and covers a tiny bit of the Suns horrid history.

This is a topic I have considered covering before, its something I may go back to, there is just that much scandal in the history of The Sun.

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Hillsborough incident

The Suns reporting on the sun. The Sun said 15 years ago (2004)

Chris Jeffries

(Movie adaptation of the Story)

Phone Hacking  (I toyed mentioning this on the podcast, I really wish I had!)

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