Dragon Ball Super 81 Reactions – Is Goku EVIL?!

dragon ball super reactions and review - is Goku evil ?
dragon ball super reactions and review - is Goku evil ?
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Good Morning world!

Its Sunday morning and time to get our reactions to  Dragon Ball Super out of my head so I can get back to reality for a  few days.

I find that I am sucked into stories very easily and talk about them as if they are real. I think this is due to my life long love of  Wrestling and talking about Wrestling, which is very much like Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Super is that time of the week we can say “FUCK YOU”  to reality for an hour or 2.   As humans, without some sort of escape, we would go crazy.

As humans, without some sort of escape, we would go crazy but it is important to remember that the real world is more important! (uni work! … damn!)

BUT ANYWAY! … I DIGRESS! The Review … Is Goku Evil?!

What did you think about the episode? leave me your views in the video comments or below!

I may be stopping or at least taking a break Dragon Ball Super reviews as they are a lot of work for not  much reward. I make no excuses and make the best content I can but for some reason Youtube  directs viewers to a specific group of  people and I have no idea why I cannot break into this circle  so  so I may  stop or take a break from doing reviews and just make other videos about Dragon Ball as the fact is , until Doctor Who returns, I have not much else that I could cover as Dragon Ball (anything) is mostly what I watch.

If you find your way to this post give me a click and a few minutes of your time as its the only way to get other viewers ironically. Without people viewing Youtube will not show my content to other people no matter how good I make a video (and I refuse to cheat or be part of a network) … Help a broski out!

Existential Crisis.



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