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Dragon Ball Super 78 Reaction / Review … The Notes!

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Every week when I make videos  I will either write a script if it’s for a review or something informative  or take down a few notes for if I’m making a recording a reaction video.  These notes are essential sometimes but sometimes,  like last week I never needed to take any.

This week’s episode, unlike last week, was absolutely full of information so these bullet points were needed.

I thought hey … why not show a bit of the behind the scenes action and post my notes on the episode to here!

A lot may not make sense but hey, it just notes, and one of an essential tool any content creator uses.

This week I also got a bit carried away with the writing and used it (as I do a lot) to note down anything I think might sound good.  This week, in all honesty, is more of a review than a  pure first watch reaction  … as its 2 am  when I would be recording

my first reaction and I have new neighbours, new home coming soon hopefully, though – Stevie!

Dragon ball super 78
⦁ I cant get no satisfaction! Except when I watch Dragon Ball super … and if your over 18 checks out Gangsta … I just discovered this and it also satisfies me!
⦁ no one except Goku, the universe 7 gods and of course Zeno’s and the grand priest,
⦁ THIS WEEKI no wanted an exhibition match as future “Zeno” has never seen a fight … which is a bit strange, he rules over everything but has never seen a fight, just how much has the grand priest kept him sheltered … there is something a bit weird about the universe’s operation.

⦁ WINNER gets a wish on the Super dragon Balls … and there we have it, the answer to ALL destruction. I will go out on a limb and say that at the end of it all Gohan wins the final match of the T.O.P and wished everything that has at that point been destroyed to return.
⦁ Goku tells beerus and co that he will go ask zero to change things. which tells him that’s a bad idea as he might wipe him out … his friend! Beerus reminds Goku that zeno is not like normal people and if U7 lose zen-chan will kill Goku as well as the whole of U7 without a blink or a bit of remorse … Zeno is the real threat in this Arc and man he is a REAL threat, like i said last week he is like a polite and molly codled original form Kid boo … infinitely more powers. Zeno really REALLY scares me! Beerus is going to end up trying to kill Goku after this tournament. I doubt a being has ever created this much of a sore head for him … i mean shit, even Frieza bent the knee and groveled to Beerus whenever he saw him … Goku … Goku bless him has no concept of formality haha , its that simple… Reminds me of me!
⦁ We find out that zeno is going to destroy the losers. The art here is amazing and looking at the scenes on the Kai planet seemed more like i was watching the boo saga as it just had that look.
⦁ Again the episode continued with the slightly changed art style that we seemed to have subtly moved into over the last few weeks and i LOVE it. IT is like a conscious decision has been made to try and tie super in with Z as much as possible and wipe GT out of existence. To the collective cheers of the internet.
⦁ ALL the U7 gods seem super pissed at Goku and if anyone else finds out that it is ALL his fault that the universes will be deleted out of existence thanks to his wish to fight … Goku has literally signed the death warrant for 11 entire universes … JUST so he can fight! Everyone in the 12 universes would see Goku as the absolute worst person ever if they knew what he has done … he literally should have stayed dead!!!!!!!!!!

⦁ NOT much to the episode, The story is very simple . Zeno has set up an exhibition match to show future zeno what a martial arts tournament if like so he orders the exhibition match..
⦁ Beerus warns Goku that he needs to take responsibility for all this shit he has created … which he really doesn’t other than say he is going to have to win.
⦁ The introduction to universe 9 kicked ass. We were taken into “The Void” where all the fighting can happen and people can fight to their hearts content.
⦁ Goku REALLY does not seem to grasp the extant of what he has started. he also pays absolutely no attention to the etiquette rules of Zeno. We got to see all the Gods from all universes ,and due to Goku’s stupidity , he shouted out for Zeno, like an idiot in front of EVERYONE which got him slapped the hell down by Beerus for his idiocy … as he shouted “zen chan” to his pal zeno to the disgust of EVERYONE at this exhibition match.
⦁ EVERYONE now thanks to Goku thinks U7 are a bunch of twats.
⦁ U9’s Supreme Kai looks like a frog … i had to say it. The fighters he has selected are all Dog like beings from an as of yet un named planet but these guys seem good … could it be that in U9 instead of humans or Saiyans as the best warriors they have dogs ?! … I’m not complaining as they look cool with their universes God of Destruction looking funny … he is like a little troll.
⦁ The rules for the exhibition alone are , well … its to the death if needed lets just put it that way. The grand priest told everyone to go all out and use their full powers with no warnings about death other than if its boring Zen-Chan may wipe you all out for THAT … so ye, boring = death but the full power bit stuck out to me as it could lead to injury , death and … there is a small chance Boo might just get bored slash hungry and just turn people into chocolate.
⦁ The fight begins at the end of the episode, Basil the Kicker vs Boo, who to begin with has to be woken up to fight … Hercule is great here, it is funny to see me satan essentially play second to someone instead of trying to fight and lose.
⦁ Noone in the tournament knows that Boo is only nice these days as a promise to his best friend mr satan … in this tournament the gloves are off and Boo , who in this very form was able to go toe to toe with Kid Boo in his strongest form, can go all out … literally! No restrictions … just stop and think about everything Boo was able to do when fighting in the past…
⦁ Boo gets knocked about and everyone watching is thinking this pink guy is a total waste of our time but both you and I know this is Boo and no kicking dog is going to keep him down. The episode ended with Boo throwing up a smile that i would HATE to see if somehow i lived in a cartoon world as it means i would most likely away to be turned into CHOCOLATE!
⦁ Summing up my whole reactions thing, this was another great episode. It was about 95% exposition 5% action but that’s very much ok as the story telling we got was not only well done but very much needed . The episode has some real funny bits in it which are all pretty much Goku and his absolute lack of awareness of the magnitude of his greatly he has fucked over at least 11 universes! The Music, drawing and overall art style was very well done. The scenes on the Kai planet looked amazing in a very retro/throwback kind of way. This retro look with heavy cell shading and a look which does not look 100% computer generated is AWESOME and here is hoping it stays for ever.
⦁ Get your snacks ready as this seems like it is going to be one LONG ASS Arc! By the looks of things this Exhibition alone will take another 2-3 weeks THEN goku will be building his team and then the fighting will start ! Next week its Basil vs Boo and we return to the dragon ball Tenkaichi badoki format. You cant beat a good tournament!
⦁ Majin stevie … KAI KAI!