dragon ball super episode 70 - champas challenge - Yamcha recreates one of his most iconic dragon ball z moments in dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Screenies – DBS 70 – Champas Challenge, This time we fight with baseball

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This morning I am adding to my online Dragon Ball  image dump with  my folder of screens from Dragon Ball Super episode 70 :  “Champas Challenge!  This time we fight with Baseball!” .


I take these screenies to use in my Review videos, Dragon Ball content and for research into the Toriyama / toei / japaneese drawing styles.

Feel free to use these for whatever, just remember and stay within the law!

These images belong to Toei , Akira Toriyama , Daisuki.net and everyone else involved. I only  own rights to any transformed works thatmay have slipped into galleries.

I enjoyed this episode. It was some light hearted fun with an epic  moment at the end! I have no idea why i did not upload the video i had created reviewing this episode but  I do think it was very good and very much worth a watch … ill mabe review it when it comes back around with the English dub.

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