Dragon Ball 38 – Here comes Hit! (SPOILERS)

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One thing i look forward to on a Sunday is a brand new episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Over the last few weeks Beerus and Champa’s Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament has been some great watching with this weeks being no exception.

dragon ball, dbz, sragon ball super, vegeta, hit
Vegeta squares of against Hit in the battle between universe 6 and universe 7

The episode starts with Vegeta and Hit, the best bounty hunter in all of Universe 6 squaring off for the next round of the tournament.

Vegeta attempts to do the same with Hit as he has now done with Frost, Magetta and Cabba but unfortunately our spiky haired friend completely underestimates hit and in short gets his arse kicked badly.

dbz, dragon ball super, dragon ball, vegeta, hit
after a short attempt Hit takes out Vegeta with zero to no effort due to his ability to skip time by 0.1 seconds.

It turns out Hit can jump forward in time in 0.1 second bursts, which is how he was able to take out Vegeta.

Goku steps up with zero fear in his eyes.  Hit thinks Goku is crazy but Goku simply tells him that he has plenty stamina and he will use that to work out how Hit does his trick and work out a way to counter his maneuver.

In very little time Goku had not only worked out how to Block Hits moves but he also lands a kick on Hit!

Other notable things that happened were that Hit has the power to be able to hit someone out of the Super Sayian Blue transformation state and that Monaka may actually be a complete bluff by Beerus on the rest of the team to make them fight better … this was alluded to by Whis.

monaka, secret, reveal, dragon ball super, dbz, dragon ball
Beerus and Whis talk about Monaka’s secret
monaka, derp, dbz, dragon ball super
Monaka may not be the fighter we all were meant to believe.

We leave for Next week and episode 39! …


Watch the full episode here 😉 (english subtitles) http://www.worldoftrash.co.uk/dragon-ball-super-38-has-arrived-fan-subbed-at-least/