Did Boris Johnson fake having Coronavirus?

Boris Johnson - Tory jesus
Boris Johnson - Tory jesus
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I am running a poll that asks if you believe Boris Johnson was in hospital with COVID-19 and if you believe the UK Government are coping with Coronavirus? Tell me what YOU think! CLICK HERE or scroll to the bottom of this page to complete the Poll! (Remember to share it on social media!)

On Saturday the 11th of April, the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson told the Doctors and Nurses of St Thomas hospital that “I owe coronavirus doctors and nurses my life after treatment”, after “he was hospitalised” with suspected Coronavirus, leading to 3 nights spend in the intensive care unit (ICU).

For over a week now, the UK’s public has been bombarded with reports of his health from the Government-supporting media, and a range of bot-generated social media campaigns, like #ClapforBoris or #PrayforBoris that have aimed to build a level of sycophantic support for Boris and his Government that intelligent society has not seen since the Reich-loving media of 1930’s Germany!

I wanted to take a look at the situation, from Boris Johnson’s supposed catching of Coronavirus to his exit from the hospital (Hoexit?), to try and ascertain whether or not Boris Johnson was faking having COVID-19 to win the publics support, or if he was genuinely very ill, and I am just one one of the millions of British people who (rightfully) do not trust a word Johnson says but at the same time, I advise people to look at the evidence, look at the man and make your own mind up. 

1. 27th March 2020 – Boris Johnson reports “mild” Coronavirus symptoms.

The first step on the PM’s Coronavirus journey happened on the 27th of March when Boris Johnson, the Health Minister Matt Hancock, and UK Governments Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty all announced that they had managed to get themselves infected with the very illness they were ironically telling us all how to avoid. (We can talk about the arrogance which led to this another time).

As the news broke of Boris Johnsons COVID-19 status and the self-isolation began, the Prime Minister took to Twitter with a video that let us all know about the current situation. In the 2 minute and 12 second-long video, Boris informs us that he only has “mild” Coronavirus symptoms which include a “temperature” and a “persistent cough”.

It is worth noting that in this video, and every other video where Boris Johnson was speaking to a camera while “ill with Coronavirus” he was never seen coughing or displaying any COVID-19 symptoms. In this video, which seems to have been recorded in one take, we see the PM talk for the entire video, never stopping to hold back a cough or struggling to breathe.

There is currently no lack of Coronavirus sufferers telling their detailed stories in horrific details on our televisions lately. The most obvious and well known of the Coronavirus symptoms is the persistent cough and shortness of breaths, symptoms we have simply never seen Boris johnson deal with while publically ‘fighting Coronavirus’ and speaking in public frequently.


2. 2nd April 2020 – Clap for carers 2 : Tory Boogaloo. 


They say Boris Johnson looked ill here - but if you ask me he looked like his usual scruffy self

They say Boris Johnson looked ill here – but if you ask me he looked like his usual scruffy-arsed self.

On the second of April, the PM was spotted by the UK’s political media going to his front door to lead the weeks “let’s make everyone forget about the 5000 deaths and total lack of urgency in our response to Coronavirus” session. Was he ill or did he just look his usual scruffy self? Send your answers to @stevieCABZ on Twitter!

(If you want to show your support to those working for the NHS at this time, write to your MP to demand more is done for the NHS, donate to good causes which directly help the NHS and if possible, volunteer. The clapping helps noone other than the ego of those who take part and the sound has been used to silence the thousands of pleas for proper PPE from NHS workers. The clapping started as a well-meaning and organic show of support but has sadly been appropriated by a Government who are ideologically exploiting the goodwill of British society, so they can hide comfortably behind it and show no goodwill of their own. /SOAPBOX).


3.  3rd April 2020 – Boris extends his own self-isolation.

On the 3rd of April, 7 days after the PM first announced his “mild” Coronavirus symptoms, we received an update from the Prime minister.

This video is an interesting addition to this story, as he opens the by clearly stating that he “is feeling better” and that the only symptom he now experiences was a “high temperature”.  Much like his video from the 27th of March, Boris displayed no outward signs of being ill, there was no coughing, wheezing, sweating or really any overt symptoms of any illness. There were those in the Tory-supporting media (BBC Politics / Telegraph) that had tried to claim that Boris looked “ill” or “sick” here, but the reality is that while he may have looked a bit shabby, this is not at all unusual for Boris Johnson, a man who is famous for his often dishevelled appearance. By this point of time, the lack of evidence and apparent logic led to many simply not believing the PM’s story.

This is where, im my opinion that if anyone wanted to find and use an element of the media Johnson has released about his illness and use it as proof of any dishonesty it would be this video*, as it was only a few days later that Boris would find himself in an ICU ward, struggling to breathe so it would be an easy, and even logical leap for someone to look at this video and think “how the hell did he come so close to recovering, then crash so hard, in just 24 hours?”. 

*That was until his Hospital release and implausible return to health, Logan he is not.

And of course, It is important to remember that only a day or so after this video was released, a video where Boris is clearly able to talk for over 2 minutes, without coughing or displaying any Coronavirus symptoms, the PM was apparently taken to St Thomas’s hospital, before being transferred to their intensive care ward and hooked up to a machine to ‘aid’ his breathing. (The mythical Downing Street spokespersons made sure to say that it was not a ventilator which Boris was hooked up to, and that in this reality he actually only required a few tea-cups of oxygen).

(It is worth mentioning that putting a person on a ventilator is an invasive medical intervention that includes keeping the patient heavily sedated, with breathing tubes having to be fixed into the patient’s trachea via intubation or tracheostomy. The process of weaning (coming off) and healing from mechanical ventilation, can take from weeks to months, so his Easter Sunday release would have been impossible).


4. 6th April 2020 – Hospitalisation for ‘precautions’, and hours later admitted to ICU.




BBC Reports boris johnson taken to hospital for precausions

BBC Reports Boris Johnson was taken to hospital for precautions, hours later he was in ICU.

Hey everyone, I am running a poll that asks if you believe Boris Johnson was in hospital with COVID-19 and if you believe the UK Government are coping with Coronavirus? CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE POLL!

The picture above, of Boris Johnson clapping at his Downing Street front door (taken 2nd April), was the last time Media would directly see Boris, and his second-last media sighting until 12th of April and his Easter Sunday raise from his deathbed!

Between this point and the 12th of April, we received no real updates on the Prime Ministers condition, we were not provided any information by those who were in charge of his wellbeing, or even his Government colleges, to such an extent that even the UK’s current number 2 in command, Dominic Raab, was forced to admit to journalists that he had not spoken to the PM for 5 days in the lead up to his hospitalization. For the next week, any talk of Boris Johnson’s condition was treated with ‘radio silence’

Within hours of Dominic Raabs information-free update on the Prime Ministers condition, we learned that the Prime Minister was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of St Thomas’s hospital, where he remained for 3 nights.

Dominic Raab - Out of his depth

Dominic Raab – Out of his depth.

On the 9th of April, it was reported (via the daily Downing Street update) that Boris Johnson was well enough to finally leave the ICU ward, firmly on the mend from his weeks-long battle against Coronavirus, although the only news the British public got on this was that “the prime minister was in good spirits”. When it has come to keeping the nations of the UK up to date with the health of Boris Johnson, the Daily Downing Street Briefings have been second to none, with every briefing in the last week or so kicking off with an acutely un-detailed report of the Prime Ministers health which has ensured that we are all kept firmly ‘in the dark’ on any condition the Prime Minister may, or may not be in!

There were many in society who thought that now Boris was out of the Intensive care, out of any direct danger, and in such good spirits, that we may have sooner or later got to hear from Boris, from his hospital bed. When it comes to political media and using any opportunity humanly possible to spit some cheesy-Tory slogans, there really is no one any more prolific at this than Boris Johnson, yet on this occasion we received … nothing!

Not only did Boris not create any form of media, or give any interviews while he was in Hospital, but the seeming entirety of the British broadcast and print media were unable to obtain a picture, or video, of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom lying in a hospital ward. Even more surprising than the entirety of British news media not managing to obtain a picture of Boris Johnson was the fact that none of the then patrons of St Thomas’s hospital snapped a picture for themselves.

The fact is, we have no idea where Boris was in the Hospital during his visit. The public was never told whether the PM was staying in one of St Thomas’s public wards, of is Johnson was actually staying in one of the St Thomas’s nine luxury “Howard ward” rooms, all of which boast of privacy, comfort, ensuite bathrooms and “stunning views of the River Thames, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben”, which is not the mental image that comes to mind when Dominic Raab spoke of the Prime Minister going between ‘the ward’ and ‘intensive care’.


5. 12th April 2020 – Boris is discharged from hospital. TORY JESUS RISES! 

Only three days after being in ICU, after being aided to breathe, on EASTER BLOODY SUNDAY, Boris returns … the metaphorical resurrection of Boris Johnson! 

In the video circulated by Boris Johnson’s media team on social media, Prime Minister Johnson, who only three days ago was in an ICU ward receiving help to breathe, was able to speak for over 5 minutes in one take while not displaying any of the lasting symptoms or displaying any indications of the serious damage to the lungs. It was recently reported by the George Washington University Hospital that the impact COVID-19 can “be so serious that even patients who survive may be left with lifelong breathing difficulties” due to the level of damage the Coronavirus can do to those who become seriously ill from it.


George Washington University Hospital - Coronavirus lung damage imaged (green)

George Washington University Hospital – Coronavirus lung damage imaged (green)

So, not only was Boris over his “mild” bout of Coronavirus, but it seems that somewhere down the line St Thomas’s hospital had invested in the serum-restorative technologies of Abraham Erskine as he has managed to recover quicker than possibly anyone else in the world who has had Coronavirus, without any obvious symptoms! Its almost like gave him a blood transfusion with the great leader Kim Jongun himself!


GREAT NEWS! Not only has our great leader Boris Johnson recovered from COVID-19 faster than anyone yet, he has recovered with no lasting symptoms!

Not only has our great leader Boris Johnson recovered from COVID-19 faster than anyone in living history but he has recovered with no lasting symptoms! REJOICE!



Up until the morning of the 12th of April, I genuinely thought there was little to no chance that Boris Johnson could, or would have faked his battle with Coronavirus. Sure, there was a chance that a man known for dishonesty could sink so low as to get people to support him, but I just could not see it happening. (although, what better way is there to gain the support of the masses than being hospitalised by the same ruthless virus which is attacking us!).

As I write this now at 16:58 in the afternoon, having seen his out of hospital/Easter video, I am having serious doubts as to whether Boris had Coronavirus. The imagery of Boris’s triumphant return to work, on Easter Sunday of all days, is like a bizarre right-wing wet dream, although unlike the biblical tales he seems to emulate, when Jesus came back to life, he still had the holes in his hands, does Boris? I find it almost impossible to believe that 3 days ago he was so ill with such a nasty virus, that he ended up in an ICU ward, with a machine to help him breathe, yet now he is back seemingly as well as he always has been and already talking for more than 30 seconds without coughing for a minute or even seeming to struggle to breath? It’s herculean.

Of course, its possible that Boris is one of those people who refuse to let an illness get the better of them, and for better or worse will do their best to battle through even the grimmest of condition. If this is the case, then it would be a great time to allow yourself to seem as weak as you are. People get ill, its nothing to be ashamed of.


Stephenson LEvido and de Zoete - Conservative coronavirus media team - image from campaignlive

Stephenson LEvido and de Zoete – Conservative coronavirus media team – image from campaignlive.co.uk


In closing, we should keep in mind that Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister who chose to deal with Coronavirus as if it was a General Election ‘Campaign’, engaging in all the spin and dirty tricks that come with this sort of strategy! In Boris Johnson, we are dealing with a Prime Minister who’s initial responses to a disaster were reported to included re-hiring the team that helped the Conservative party win the 2019 general election, to manage the Governments Coronavirus media. (Source:Campaignlive.co.uk).

Whether Boris did fake having Coronavirus to gain sympathy or not is not something we can neither prove or disprove at this time, but what we do know is that we would be very naieve to take any of the actions of Boris Johnson and his Tory Government at face value.

Until I see solid evidence of his treatment, it will take a lot to make me believe a word team Boris and his team has to say on anything. At the end of the day, it is not up to me to tell you, the reader, how to believe so take a step back, think about the situation and come to your own decision!

(when you do, send me a tweet and let me know, I would love to hear your views on #Toryjesus Boris Johnson.

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