DBZ Dokkan Battle – How to raise Super Attack to 15

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Raise Super Attack to 15 Dokkan [Strike Characters]

Hey everyone, Stevie here with another Dokkan video.

Watch the video below which will show you how to raise the Super attack of character (super strike only) in Dokkan Battle to 15 (or more … in the future!)


This one will be nice and simple on a topic that I surprisingly could not find a video on… that being raising the super attack of a character to 15.

NOW, before we go on we have to clarify that  not every card in the game can raise its Super attack to 15, only the “super strike” Characters have this ability, a link to a  list can be found in the comments below* that shows every super strike character in the JPN version, the stats for us are the same … we just don’t have every character on this list yet. (the next one that becomes available to us is Jackie Chun).

For our example I’m am going to use the current “Vicious Mechanical Monarch “Strike Event and we are going to take The “SR Mecha Frieza – Explosive Vengeance” card, Get the correct amounts of Cards, Dokkan awaken the suckers and get his Super Attack to 15.

The way the Super Attack is raised to 15 for this Character is the same technique that is used to raise the Super attack of all the Strike Characters …

And I will tell you why this is important for the future later in this guide.

So, step one is very laborious … you need to go and collect 15 of the cards that you will need.  in our case it was this one “Mecha Frieza – Explosive Vengeance”, I have already collected the cards and raised the super attack levels to save time here. You take one of the cards and raise its Super attack to 10 then take another and Raise its super attack to 5 in the same way you would raise the super attack of any other card in the game.

NOW its time to Dokkan awaken your Mecha Frieza’s … this again can be the very laborious and In my case time and Stone consuming.  To Dokkan awaken this Frieza card as you can see will take 7 of the special Mecha Frieza strike medals and because we have to do this twice we need 14!!!  (this is the stone consuming part … the level is very very hard).To save time I have already Dokkan awakened my First Frieza into “Raging Counterstrike – Mecha Frieza” and now we will take this other Frieza and Dokkan awaken him…

While the character is Awakening  go and  to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on twitter @steviesboom

Now that our Mecha Frieza has been Dokkan awakened we can see that His Super Attack level has changed from 5/10 to 5/15! … As we can see when you Dokkan awaken Super Strike characters the Super attack level changes automatically and it is this that most people are unsure of to start with.

It is now time to finish the job and raise Mecha Frieza’s Super Attack to 15.

For this, it is again exactly the same as raising the super attack of any other character.

We select our Mecha Frieza that has its Super Attack at 10 for training and as his partner we choose the Mecha Frieza with the Super attack level 5, if you have any decent fodder throw it in as well then hit that training button and that’s is … as we can see its all done.

Our super attack is now at 15!, and that’s how you raise the super attack of a STRIKE character to 15.

So, before you click to another page I mentioned why getting the Super Strike Characters is important, well here is that and a few tips.

First of all, When raising Super Strike characters’ super attack ALWAYS do it before you dokkan awaken. When you Dokkan awaken a character is carries the super attack level over so if you started with 10 you will still have 10 after the awakening … don’t make things hard for yourself!

Always check guides before taking on these quests. The Vegeta strike event was the first strike event I had seen but the Mecha Freiza one is was brutally hard (costing me many stones).  Everything we play in global has already been done in JPN so there are always guides.


And finally …

Coming in the future (I have no idea when) Global will be getting many many new Characters including the “L R” Goku , which is an absolute beast of a card but the catch is that to be able to collect what is needed to unlock this character you MUST have a team of characters who all have Super Attack levels of 15 … so my friends … the GRIND IS REAL!!!!


I’m Stevie, thanks for reading… if you have any questions send me a tweet @steviesBOOM

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Pilaf has discovered SteviesBOOM on youtube and shows Bulma… Finally Pilaf has made a good suggestion …SUBSCRIBE TO SteviesBOOM on Youtube!


(NOTE – The text on this page started as and was the Script for the video at the top of the page and this may contain some weirdness, just watch the video… it nice and clear.)

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