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transport for london have shut down their parliament square webcam in leadup to protests

Transport for London (TFL) turn off Parliament Square in lead up to Black Lives Matter protest on 6th June

UPDATE: The Camera came back on. It was most likely a perfectly times malfunction. (I mean, it does happen. Read on if you want). London is one of the most CCTV’s places outside of China,…

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Boris is a bellend

Pissing about with Purdah – Can Boris use Purdah rules to force no-deal during dissolution? #DitchSpatches 

#DitchSpatches (If my tongue was any more in cheek, it would burst out, throwing saliva across the room). Monday, 28th October 2019. The day started well, apart from the Slot Gacor Hari Ini as to…

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