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BBC Propaganda exposed! Andrew Marr on air gaff!

r telling tory mp that she has done a very good gob on his show - an example of tory propaganda
r telling tory mp that she has done a very good gob on his show – an example of tory propaganda

This morning ( 11th February 2018) on the Andrew Marr show, keen-eyed viewers caught Andre Marr praising Conservative MP and Governments International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt.

In a production gaff, the Shows production forgot to cut the feed to Andrew Marr speaking on set and he can be heard telling Penny Mordaunt that she had done a “good Job”. The clip can be seen below.

(Credit to  on Twitter)

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Was Scotland Mis-Sold Staying in the UK (RE:Brexit) : ABZ Podcast

The ABZ Podcast

Hosted by Stevie

In this episode of ABZ Stevie asks “Was Scotland mis-sold on the EU in regards to Brexit?”.

Scotland was promised many things by Westminster in return for the No vote all the way back in 2014, most of them based on Scotland having a continued place within the EU is we chose to stay in the UK.

I also ask “Did the UK Government actually promise Scotland EU Membership?” and busy a myth or two…

…and then I show categorically why Scotland is deserved the right to at least hold a second referendum so we can decide if we want to REMAIN in the EU and the UK.

A lot of “promises” were made and it seems we have been taken for fools, those promises crushed and thrown into the wind.

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When the hunter becomes the hunted – James o’ Neil Vs Kevin Magee – Stevie ABZ

For a bit of context, lately I have been doing a lot of reearch into online paedophile hunters and how they operate for a short documentry and podcast which will be coming to both here and my Video Channels around March/April.

This week, a very interesting story came to my attention where BBC Northern Ireland Investigative Journalist Kevin Magee basically “stung” (jumped with cameras?) Online Paedophile hunter “James O’ Neil” on his doorstep… A very tacky option in my opinon.

(There had to be another way Kevin!)

This was followed up later by a retalliation “sting” with James and what I can only assume was a another member of Silent Justice catching up with Kevin Magee in a coffee shop and following him around for a bit before the cops were called, you can watch that below.

In this weeks podcast I am just having a chat about this situation and a few other areas of this world which have effected me in my investigation into these groups.

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The latest Facts the Ministry of Defences FOI requests – Stevie ABZ

This week, it’s a new concept. Catch me on Twitter @StevieCSmith If this goes well, every month I will be doing a show like.

This week we go into the UK Governments Freedom of Information request database and see what facts they are being forced to release! Governments LOVE to keep things secret and will try their hardest to make this reality, but thankfully, there was a limit put on what can and cannot be kept secret which led to the “Freedom of Information Act”.

Hundreds, if not Thousands of FOI Requests are made to Government and Local councils every week. Most Information requests are for things which may only interest one person, but sometimes they include a fact that EVERYONE should know.

This week, We look at the FACTS the Ministry of Defence have been FORCED to release, which includes “Do the Government sell old weapons”, “Do the Government sell old weapons to other countries?” (BS answer incoming!) “How many Ministry of Defence Police vehicles have been damaged by misfuelling accidents?”, “How many Soldiers have failed Drug tests within 4 months of 2017?”,  “What crimes have been committed by Ministry of Defence Civil Service Staff?” And loads more.

This show could have gone either way but thankfully, the MOD has released some interesting (and controversial) information this month! There are also released onto my YouTube channel, if you see this there please subscribe. In all honesty though f**k YouTube, I’m done with those clowns!

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