Boris Johnson has refused to be interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Neil … #ABZ

JEremy Corbyn setup by the BBC - being interviewed by andrew neil - there will be NO interview with Boris Johnson!
JEremy Corbyn setup by the BBC - being interviewed by andrew neil - there will be NO interview with Boris Johnson!
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Boris Johnson has (so far) refused to be interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Neil … (yet Corbyn WAS interviewed!)

Today, the BBC news press team put out the following tweet(s)

“As part of our series of leaders’ interviews, we have dates for two more next week. Andrew Neil will interview Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.”

Quick-witted followers of the BBC’s many propaganda shovelling Twitter accounts were quick to notice, and share a fact that they noticed was missing. While the BBC was announcing the dates for Jo Swinson, and even Nigel Farage’s upcoming #GE2019 ‘Andrew Neil Interviews’, there was no mention of when the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson would be receiving HIS interview with Andrew Neil, which led to the BBC News Press Team putting out the next tweet (attached to the first Tweet, above), to clarify this situation.

For those asking when Boris Johnson’s interview will take place, we’re in ongoing discussions with his team but we haven’t yet been able to fix a date

It was at this point where my jaw almost hit the floor, as what the BBC have done is one of the best and most blatant examples of political bias yet I have ever seen on the BBC.

Most people following the 2019 General Election will know of the Jeremy Corbyn interview with Andrew Neil (broadcast 26th November), where Andrew Neil spend 30 minutes dragging Corbyn through the worst sort of political mud possible, mud that is full of spin and mistruths which are more or less impossible to counter.

The first 10 minutes of the interview saw Neil throwing old cases of anti-Semitism by LABOUR MEMBERS (not MPs, or even councillors) at Corbyn, most of which had already been dealt with, but this did not stop Neil from mentioning the historic cases which involve Liam Moore and Lesley Perrin. Neil put it to Corbyn that these MEMBERS has not faced any form of punishment by the Labour party, although anyone who looks into the reality of this situation can see that these people, who WERE anti-semitic, both resigned from the Labour Party BEFORE anything could actually be done. (meaning the cases WERE dealt with AND closed.

So, Where am I going with this? Well, the point Slot Online of these interviews is so that the BBC, the UK’s ‘public broadcaster’, will give every party leader a chance to be scrutinised by the BBC’s top attack-dog journalist (not a bad thing), who would rip both their personality and most importantly their policies apart, so us, the public, can make an informed choice in the upcoming election; This is why Boris not being interviewed by the BBC is a very serious problem.

When it comes to Boris Johnson, it is public knowledge that he is a serial liar, who has been de facto useless twat at most if not all jobs he has done, with his time as Prime Minister the list of new foibles which include NOT delivering Brexit, lying to the queen, lying to the public and of course, most importantly NOT dying in a ditch, being some of the best examples of the mans uselessness!  (seriously, this would have saved us all a lot of time and effort! … I know its dark, but HE is the idiot who said it, not me!).

The BBC should never have aired any of these ‘leader’ interviews, especially the Jeremy Corbyn interview, as there is nothing to go against it. It is not going to be a surprise to anyone to learn that this election is a race which in reality, only has a few runners who actually matter, Boris, Corbyn and to a slightly lesser extent, Ian Blackford (he is the SNP’s Westminster Leader, not sturgeon), with the most important of those being the only 2 who have the potential to be our next Prime Minister.

The BBC’s broadcasting the Corbyn interview, without arranging and recording an interview with his only real opponent, reeks of Bias. IN the case of the election and its coverage, we need to look at Boris and Corbyn as 2 sides of a coin, a binary opposition, the yin and yang of politics, and it is because of this polar opposition that it is scandalously unfair of the BBC to broadcast the interview with Corbyn, which seems to have been conveniently booked on a day where the BBC knew would not be good. It is because of this that if the BBC is going to scrutinise one of these men, they HAVE to do the exact same to the other, or all they are doing is giving Corbyn a televisual beating, for the sole reason of giving him a beating, which is simply not fair.

In the last few weeks, during this most recent and hellish of General Election period, we have seen the BBC shadily edit 2 or more videos of Boris Johnson in a way that makes him look like he has more support, or that fewer people are laughing at him, which is a very clear abuse of the public broadcaster, when we combine this level of warping of reality, by way of the most nefarious manipulation of media with the BBC’s army of sycophantic presenters, and producers (like Rob Burley), it is clear that BBC News of 2019 has a clear agenda to keep Labour OUT of power, which is, as I have said already, a clear abuse of the public broadcaster.

My guess is that the BBC’s current ethos is something along the lines of  ‘Fuck Purdah and Fuck Corbyn!’.

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