Blaze and the monster machine FAKE APP * RANT-ISH!*

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I had to get this off my chest.

Within Social media and newspapers in the UK, a story is going around about a FAKE (not by Nickelodeon) app downloaded from the Google play store called “Blaze and the Monster Machine”.

This FAKE app contains a verging on creepy, crappy horror movie style prank.

Who was really being pranked, the Kids or the Adults?

(Prior to becoming a Media Student I was a technical manager aka GURU at O2, my roles included fixing phones, fixing apps, security guidance and child safety guidance.

This whole story pisses me off. If the parents are just installing apps without check the veracity of them and finding out its bad due to it scaring their children. BE LUCKY it was only a crappy horror prank.

To hear what else could actually place into these apps, listen to the audio. Trust me, an audio clip is the LEAST of your worries! (not to scare you, but clearly, you need to be if you installed this app for your child without checking it was legit!) 

Check out this episode!

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