#ABZ – BBC Newsnight fake Priest EXPOSED! (By #ABZ!) #Vicargate

lynn hayter fake priest paid actor on bbc newsnight #VicarGate
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This is a brief post on the #VicarGate story so far, as I do not think this is anywhere near slowing down.

(This is a bit of a Rushed Post, I am sorry if any of my Dyslexia has managed to run wild haha!)

A last friday, I was watching BBC’s nightly right wing news show “Newsnight”, which is always interesting as you are able to analyse what Government Rhetoric is or has been for that day.

I noticed that a guest, a member of the public, dressed as a priest (purple shirt, full dog collar uniform) called “Lynn”  was on the show, what struck me was her very hard right wing views, and love of Theresa Mays policies like ending Free Movement, a strange view for a priest I thought. It was comical how radical she was, and how much love she had for Theresa May, an obvious actor I thought, but I never thought any more and moved on.

Fast Forward to this week, Tuesday. The Priest woman (named Lynn) was on again, with the same views, and the same fellow guests, something smelled very off I thought, so I created a thread on Twitter about it, appealing for information so I could investigate this strange priest further, as I needed to know where is her church and who is she preaching that ear fascist version of Christianity to??

It was at this point, things went a bit crazy. Usually, my stories and appeals for information do not get that much activity, but for some reason, potential fake priests make peoples ears prick up!

This morning (thursday), A great guy on Twitter called Michiel Hoefsmit gave me the lead I needed, and the lead which may have began something of a PR Nightmare for the BBC!  This lead to another (EPIC) thread which contains her name, and importantly, details of her “church”, which turns out to be a facebook page , where she plays the role of “pastor”.

(Fun fact, I went and got myself Ordained as a minister today too. I am now just as much a minister as her, with a bigger congregation too!)


Over the course of the day, the “facts” thread (and the self professed funky hashtag) began to skyrocket out of control, with more facts and leads coming in which allowed me to confirm that she was an Actor , and that Newsnight have been very naughty.

to my suprise, Newsnight replied to the Scandal which is developing!

Newsnight reply, rather than appologise for being dupped, or trying to deliberatly misleading the public, have opted to double down, reguardless of the waves of evidence and attention.

To my cheer, Bigger news outlets have began to cover this  story(after doing their own fact checking on this story) , so I believe this may be the begining, so stay Tuned! I will be recording an episode of the #ABZ podcast tommorow, recounting this extremelly mental saga!

I Do not think you will be able to wipe this smile from my face for a good few days. My first real story as a trainee journalist / media person.

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Political christmas gif idea 01 - "F is for Fail" (Theresa May Satirical prints)

Political christmas gif idea 01 – “F is for Fail” (Theresa May Satirical prints)


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