A new and confusing way to look at bitcoin

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Today on my daily adventures through the internet i found a page called BITBONKERS (www.bitbonkers.com) which not only amazed me, it made my jaw hit the floor!

bitbonkers live bitcoin trade visualization tool

Bitbonkers is a live representation of bitcoin trade activities happening live on the internet.

Bitbonkers is a live representations of trades which are happening live within the Bitcoin network.  The premise is very simple, the balls are colour coordinated according to value band with the Red balls being worth under 1BTC in value, Blue balls worth 100-1000 BTC  and the colossal Purple balls worth 1000 and over … in the 15 minutes i was watching i watched quite a few Purple balls fall past with one being worth 10000 BTC, which is the equivalent of $4211200 !

Bitbonkers is a fascinating site, and i suggest having a look … it’s mesmerising!



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