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The UK currently has possibly one of its most feeble Governments of all time, lead by the weakest Prime Minister in living memory.

“Teflon Theresa May” is how she will be remembered.

So it is very easy for me to say that it there will most likely be a General Election, this year … In 2018 ( in case she somehow lasts ANOTHER year!).

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In this Episode of ABZ, I (Stevie) had an idea. I am going to try and think up 5 solid ways The Labour Party, The Conservatives and even the Liberal Democrats can win the next general election… 

So I give to you all …

  • FIVE WAYS The Labour Party can WIN the next General election.
  • FIVE WAYS The Conservative Party can HOLD POWER in the next General Election
  • FIVE WAYS The Liberal Democrats can win some seats back.

This is a break from Brexit, Back to the grind next week. I am working on a few interviews, one I am going to pull my finger out of my ass and get done as Brexit will end at some point.

brexit is the monkeys paw of politics pawlitics

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