Questioning the BBC – Why the Secrecy behind BBC Question Time?!

Questioning the BBC – Why the Secrecy behind BBC Question Time?!

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The BBC Is a public body, with an FOI (Freedom of INformation) department, so I decided to ask the BBC a few questions on BBC Question time about how the show is put together and whether the warped nature of its political bias is deliberate, or on purpose.

Guess what, the BBC Love a secret!

(More to come in this Blurb, its 7 am)

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Geekdom101: My side of the Story. The Truth of Geekdom101’s Lies

MY DYSLEXIA was laid bare for all to see in this post! (sorry)

Check out the periscope / Video version! Its pretty much the same, just with me speaking it to a camera with hopefully no grammatical errors.

This will be on the podcast channel soon also.

A few days ago, an angry Geekdom101 came to the (now pretty much defunct) World of Trash facebook page and for the third time in our history started being aggressive. Along with the baiting and butthurt, he was trying to bait and demand that I go on his podcast, with no good reason, so given was an epically random invitation, and knowing what this wannabe shock jock is like, I was not prepared to go on his podcast in a million years  as it would only involve having him and whoever else is on it (I have never listened) have a go at me whilst forcing Geekdom101’s narrative on the situation down mine and his listeners throats, forcing Geekdoms own version of Truth to become reality. There was no way in hell this was happening.

After this request, I straight up told him to F**k off (actually, “fuck off, wanksock”) as I want nothing to do with him and I don’t ever actually want to speak to him…HELL,  I don’t even want to hear his annoying Poundland Vince Russoesque voice. It is my strong urge to not know he exists which Is why I blocked him on youtube/twitter (and I thought facebook) long ago, .He is not a person I ever want to speak to as he caused me a shitload of hurt for no reason other than I made Dragon Ball videos and I questioned the big-headed cunts word, something many other people have fallen foul to from Geekdom101 (i know this as they have contacted me in the past, or just look at his Twitter feed!).

There will be some paraphrasing here, the initial incidents happened long ago and I have done my best to try and forget them, including deleting all the abuse he has sent me in the past so I did not have to keep looking at it.

In short, the whole story comes down to Geekdom101 trying to label every DragonBall content creator that was NOT on a special list of his friends, which he created and posted on Twitter, as worthless “click bait” and that people should do their best to avoid. This obviously annoyed me and a few other creators I knew at the time (we are human), as we were putting in 100’s of hours a month into creating original reviews and content based on Dragon Ball with Geekdom101 being the main and most trusted content creator.

When we questioned Geekdom101 on his stupid list, at first he tried to fob people off and ignore them until people started explaining that what he was doing was damaging to others, this is where he began to get nasty. The first back and forth we had, I simply wanted him to apologise for what he had done and make it clear to the Dragon Ball world that there were other content creators who are putting in time and effort, but instead of saying he was sorry or acknowledging other creators he went on a public tirade, on his Twitter and a lot of it on my personal facebook page, where he called me many names but the most hurtful things he said were that “you make clickbait shit” ” you have no talent” and the classic “I will make sure that noone on youtube ever works with you again”.

At this point, the back and forth but mainly threats to ruin my Youtube channel and potential to make a name as a Content Creator, something he knew I had no way to fight, threw me into quite a deep Depression. I am a person who has on and off depression that can be pretty damn shit, thankfully at this moment at time I am not depressed and I have learned not to let idiots like him upset me any more but back then I was not prepared for this bullshit and attacks against me, and this I became ill, very ill. I at this point tried to reach out to Geekdom to get this problem sorted, for my own sanity, but he was happy to let it roll on unresolved, knowing how it made me feel and what damage his words could have to anyone trying to make Dragon Ball content.

ON the flip side, while I had Geekdom101 throwing abuse at me via my personal Facebook, where my friends and family could see, I also had people contacting me via Youtube and Twitter with messages of solidarity, as they too have been on hit by Geekdom101’s toxic side which seems to rear its ugly head whenever he find an opinion about himself online that he does not like.  I am in no way the first, I have just been the most vocal as I refuse to let myself be bullied by anyone, which is why he is now so openly targeting harassment at me.

Anyway, After a few weeks, I picked myself up, gave myself a slap and told myself “I won’t let myself be beaten down by an Internet Bully” and I moved on. I blocked Geekdom on Youtube, Blocked him on my Twitter accounts, Blocked him on facebook (i thought *sigh*) and chose to take the route of never crossing paths with him, as he was clearly a total narcissist.

I continued to make videos, but not nearly at the same level and not as much Dragon Ball, as there was no point, he had already damaged my name in the Dragon Ball world. All was going fine until maybe 6 months / a year later, I had begun a series of Videos about Dragon Ball Supers Tournament of Power with the theme being a top 10 rating of the potential fighters and a week later, Geekdom101’s channel began a series of videos using the exact same concept, that’s right, he completely ripped off an idea I had been working on.

As any human being would, I tried to contact Geekdom101 about this to ask him what the hell he , in my eyes, was playing at so blatantly ripping off my concepts, even though I had, in his exact words “no talent”. After the usual big-headed replies and a firey back and forths,  Geekdom created the excuse  that he has never seen any of my videos and this was just a coincidence, which I instantly challenged as how the hell could he know and tell people that I have “no talent” and that I made “clickbait” if he had never seen any of my content.

When Geekdom was challenged with this own hypocrisy he just began to try and hide behind his followers, switching to shouting every one of his comebacks on his twitter, so his 200k followers would see it and defend him, this was the first case where his abuse and refusal to simply admit he was wrong went from 2 people shouting at each other (as that’s all it was) to him targetting harassment via his fans. There was zero I could do about this other than block the idiots that were brigading to Geekdom’s defence, so I again let it go, but this time I backed down with the simple thought that I was going to get the opportunity to tell my story and metaphorically slap the bully in the face for the idiotic bullshit he put me through. So I  waited.

The opportunity to hit back at Geekdom actually came way sooner than I thought, my intentions were to finish my Degree then maybe tell the stories of my time on Youtube. One day, I was sitting on youtube, and a tweet popped up by a WWE Wrestler that I am a fan of and Follow on Twitter, Bray Wyatt. In this tweet, he was publically humiliating Geekdom101 as the Toxic keyboard warrior thought it would be funny to fat shame the WWE superstar, then call him a “Neckbeard” , all because of the woman he was dating.  The best bit of this was that Bray Wyatt actually fired back at Geekdom101, Posting an image of him then verbally destroying him for being a vile fat shaming troll.

This incident had received some coverage on Reddit Square Circle, So I used that post to tell my previous stories of Geekdom101’s bullying and harassment, which was great as I had found a way to tell my story in a way that was separate from Geekdom101’s gullible fans and on a platform he had no control over.  At the same time, and mainly as he had the Gaul to call Bray Wyatt a Neckbeard, I made a post on the Reddit “Neckbeard” sub. What I posted on the sub was literally just a screenshot of the tweet which contained Geekdoms tweet, a photo of JoJo (Brays girl) and a photo of Geekdom101 that BRAY WYATT HIMSELF found and posted on Twitter (not me, I never posted any images of Geekdom101 online, ever, I had no idea what he looked like, I dont even know his fucking name!).

The tweet can be seen here in its entirety (and Geekdoms tweet), please note that this is by BRAY WYATT and not me, again, I never posted ANY IMAGES OF GEEKDOM101 online! Also notice it was Geekdom himself who began calling people ‘Neckbeards” , not me … This is yet another lie by Geekdom.

So, I went to reddit and created the posts which pissed this pussy off so much, one was the (true) story of Geekdom101’s cyberbullying/harassing ways and another which was just me using his own vile words, attempted fat shaming and pig-headedness against him and moved on. At that point I had zero contact with geekdom and wanted zero contact with Geekdom, I merely posted my story in one post and rightfully laughed the toxic little loser in the second and that was it, I never messaged him, I never bullied him or remotely tried to even contact him, I just posted the arguably just jibe and moved on with my life knowing that a little bit of karma had finally been served and a lot of people got to see the Twat who had been hateful and abusive to me for no reason do the same to someone very famous.

Fast forward to a few days ago (around the 3rd July 2018) and I woke up to notifications on my facebook page with Geekdom, somehow, as I thought he was blocked, coming again on my public facebook page, sending abuse down the page to me, this time it seemed he has finally got round to seeing what I posted about him. At first, I thought he was annoyed that I told my story about him, but instead, all I got was Geekdom101 complaining about being called a Neckbeard and trying to get me on his shitty podcast. At this point, as I want nothing to do with him, I told him to fuck off along with a few more choice words, choice words as I have no need to show that bullying little troll any respect, as he has not shown me a grain of respect once. The last messaged I had from Geekdom were him straight up threatening me, saying that “I was going to be sorry”.

Now, the more I have thought about it, the fact he is sour that he was being laughed at in the Neckbeard area of Reddit is beyond hypocritical and verges into Donald Trump Jr levels of stupidity. Geekdom, it was you that started going around calling people you don’t know a fucking neckbeard, but when I call you a neckbeard when you were acting like a prototypical fucking neckbeard, All I did was RIGHTFULLY LAUGH at you getting served by a megastar for being a toxic little troll.

Since Geekdoms ‘Threats’ and me AGAIN, at least trying to block him, I have received no stop abuse. Geekdom101 has gone to the trouble of creating A video (maybe more)  about me and has posted it on his Youtube for all his 250k+ followers to see. I have not watched much of this video, but of what I have heard, it is filled with lies, mistruths and complete spin, like the “neckbeard” spin that I have been going around the internet, calling him a neckbeard and harassing him with it when the Truth, as we can see with the evidence in this post, is that it was him that first started trying to use this slur against others thinking he was above being scrutinised and criticizes for his actions.

The Truth is that Geekdom101 has been on / off harassing me for a long time and he has gone out of his way to try and ruin my chance at youtube for his own selfish reasons. He is a toxic individual who uses his fans to stay what he wants, have that view amplified and then hide behind them while they do his dirty work. Geekdoms Harassment and bullying against me has now crossed all lines and veered into straight up near criminal harassment. He has been making videos and now a fake channel which has been created to abuse my person / IP, slander my name and ruin my chance of ever doing anything of success no youtube.

In his videos, he has used his lies and spin to command his hundreds of thousands of followers to do what they can to harass me on ALL social media platforms, All video platforms and in any other way they can. So far, I have watch attempts to hack ALL my social media accounts and emails (thankfully stopped), received no stop abuse on Twitter, received physical threats against me which caused me to lock down all my accounts and I have received no stop abuse on youtube, which has caused me to remove ALL videos I have ever made. And it is very clear that without use to public social media or the ability to upload videos and not have the comments full of abuse pretty much kills my ability to create and distribute, which is a major hurdle for my CAREER, not just youtube, and this is something I am taking very seriously.

Geekdom101, it is you who is the bully. You are acting like one of the biggest fucking pussies on the face of the planet. This situation began with you lying to cover your selfish ass and has now rolled onto this, with you slandering a person online and using CHILDREN who follow as weapons, having them harass me and threaten to physically hurt me just so you don’t have to deal with the truth you are a bully.

So that’d the whole pathetic story, in full.

Peoples Vote Protest – Live Streams

LIVE Streams from the #PeoplesVoteMarch from Pall Mall to Parliment Square. 23rd June 2018

Updated with new streams as they become available!

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After the march, check out podcast #ABZ, where I cover politics in my usual Scottish and Ranty manner.

This week’s Episode ” The Truth about Trump, Alex Jones and the Crisis Actor Conspiracy” .

Have Trumps Supporters been brainwashed into defending any atrocity Orange Pensioners crazy comments in the future?!

the truth about trump jones and the conspiracy actors
the truth about trump jones and the conspiracy actors

Post-Truth : Was Ken Livingstone an Anti-Semite and will this stop the smears against Labour?

It was announced today that Ken Livingstone has resigned from the Labour party over allegations of anti-semitism, dating back to 2016.

Lets get to the meat and two veg of this story…Was Ken Livingstone an ‘Anti-Semite’ ?  In my opinion, no, do not think he was an anti-semite,I think the question should have been rephrased to ‘Did Ken say something stupid?’ as the answer here would be yes, hell yes, the loudest yes the English language can muster!

Ken mentioned that before ‘he went all crazy’ that Hitler was a ‘Zionist’,  which is actually one of the more ridiculous lines you may repeat today,

The Truth about Trump ,Alex Jones and the Crisis Actor Conspiracy

The Truth about Trump ,Alex Jones and the Crisis Actor Conspiracy
ABZ Podcast

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The theory that ‘Crisis Actors’ is possibly one of the more tasteless and damaging conspiracy theories which a human has ever concocted.

From the mind of Alex Jones and his Infowars army, the concept of Crisis Actors first swept the world of conspiracy by storm in the worst way possible, by harassing the parents of children who were killed in some of Americas biggest atrocities.

ABZ Podcast aberdeen scotlands loudest voice in the world of podcasts - hosted by stevie
ABZ Podcast aberdeen scotlands loudest voice in the world of podcasts – hosted by stevie

For the longest time I could not work out why anyone would create such a vile form of bullying of people who are already victims. Now that we have Donald J Trump throwing children into his makeshift concentration camps it has become clear that the concept of Crisis Actors is now being used by Trump,  and his Russian funded propaganda army,  to cover and hide his neo-fascist actions.

Alex Jones = Performance Actor –

IN the show, I mention a vice Documentary titled ‘The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement’ , which can be found below.

It was the moment I seen ‘experts’ on Fox news try and tell the world that Trumps children concentration camps are ‘Fake News’ that the truth about the Crisis Actor conspiracy began to fall into place.IN Today show, I look at where the Crisis Actors conspiracy came from, who started it, who pushed it and now, the real reason this insanity exists, which is actually just as disturbing as the conspiracy itself!

Alex Jones, the borderline human which created the ‘crisis actor’ conspiracy movement is not a ‘Journalist’, he is a self-professed performance actor who played the role of ‘Alex Jones’ so he can profit from people and now, be used as a tool in Trumps propaganda machine.

If you have followed the entertaining ways of Alex Jones and Infowars in the past thats fine, but pay attention to the lies that come from him and his new role as Trumps master of crazy theories which are now being used by the President and his Favourite shills at Fox news.

The purpose of this show is to start the debate / your personal research into Donald Trump, his links to Alex Jones / info wars and how that is all being used to defend or hide any action the commander in chief may want to do, no matter how disgusting that action may be.

the truth about trump jones and the conspiracy actors
the truth about trump jones and the conspiracy actors

Right now, they are using the Crisis Actor Defence against his concentration camps, and millions of Americans have taken this at face value because ‘fuck crooked Hillary’.

This is a very dangerous president and must challenged, by as many people as possible!

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Has Donald J Trump Screwed Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Gaza all in one week? ? (#ABZ Podcast)

Has Donald J Trump Screwed Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Gaza all in one week? ? (#ABZ Podcast)

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Has Donald J Trump Screwed Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Gaza all in one week? ?

I think he has. I am back this week with an expletive and rant filled show fueled by the concept that Donald Trump is essentially trying to fuck the world.

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The Post-Truth era is here, as is the original and best clothing line I have created yet … ‘Post-Truth’ by stevie.

original and best 'post-truth' clothing, by stevie
original and best ‘post-truth’ clothing, by stevie

WorldofTrash on Twitch ?

It has been a while since I have streamed any games on Twitch, but this drought of streams is about to become over!

One thing that has stopped me has been my account name on twitch ‘World of Trash’, as cool as it is I just want to be me and never wanted to create a new channel and start again, so , I just let it lie for a bit.

I have now been able to change the name of the account to something a bit more me … Stevie_abz.

The channel can now be found at … As soon as I have a PS4 Camera (my pc’s all suck now), I will be streaming! (maybe sooner, are cameras even needed?!)

(I am going to try recording podcasts within Fortnite, which could be interesting!)

stevie abz stevie_abz live on twitch
stevie abz stevie_abz live on twitch

Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast

Yet More MILLIONS for the McCanns and is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-semitic? ABZ Podcast
ABZ Podcast

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On this week’s show,

11 Million Pounds used in the Madeline McCann search.

  • £11 Million pounds spend over 11 years.
  • What could YOU actually buy with £11 Million?
  • I think that sadly Maddie died 11 years ago, I have no idea how.
  • Why were the parents never punished for this?
  • Loads of other kids in the UK have gone missing in the UK and the parents never got this much help, most likely as they are in the working classes and not the child of a Doctor.

SPOILERS – Corbyn is not anti-semitic!

For some reason, the mystery ” im going to change the pitch of your recorded audio down midway through the show for absolutely no reason” bug striked again, so if for some reason you think it sounds slightly different during the second half, then guess what, you are right.  I  SERIOUSLY need some new equipment!

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Breaking down the current Anti-Semitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn. 

(Who do I think is causing the trouble, and why!)

  • Is Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn’s voting record on Jewish / anti-semitic issues within Government.
  • 10 examples Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-Semite.
  • 10 MORE EXAMPLES of Jeremy Corbyn NOT being an Anti-semite.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is as Anti-Semitic compared to …
  • My thoughts and feelings on the Jeremy Corbyn Smears as a Labour party member and who is to blame for these nasty political smears.
  • Two faced MP’s who are only in the job for the pension.
  • Are YOU an Anti-Semite? … How do you know if you are?

This weeks show was a fun rant of a show. There is so much bullshit coming from political media these days with the propaganda levels being turned up to 20 by the Russian Government and to around 30 by our own Government.

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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)
ABZ Podcast

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Why am I still a member of the Labour Party ?? (I am no Bigot!) (#ABZ:Short)

I am a labour party member and have been for more than 2 years.

I am not an anti-semite, I am not racist, I am not in any way sectarian not do i have a problem with anyone of any sexual orientation.

This is why I joined the Labour party!

So taking all that into account, let’s think about the current smears on the Labour party, which are coming from (sadly) within the party more than anywhere else.

Why Am I PAYING to be a member of a party that lets its infighting stop us from gaining power??

In this podcast, I ask that question!

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Lets Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – (ABZ Archive)

Lets Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – (ABZ Archive)
ABZ Podcast

00:00 / 00:08:19
Let’s Talk Conspiracy theories: Part 1 – ABZ Podcast
Mar 6, 2018

This week (as I needed a break from UK Politics and Brexit) I thought I would start a new theme which will creep up from time to time when I need to get away from Westminster.  So for this, let me introduce you all to “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories”!

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In episodes of “Lets Talk Conspiracy theories” the theme will be to have a look at some of the most well known or controversial Conspiracy theories and work out how full of crap they are OR if there is actually any truth to them.

For this podcast and every other one in the future that will be heavy on information and sources, I will be creating pages on the site which can be used to follow along with me, checking sources and images for yourself.

This weeks Source page can be found here

The conspiracies we are talking aout this week are …

OK, so this weeks show was a trip. I will be recording part 2 very soon (before the next podcast) so if you want to see the podcast BEFORE it is uploaded in audio format, remember to follow me on Periscope!

I will Definitely have to revisit the topic of MH17 / MH370. I came into this weeks show thinking what I believed in these situations was rock solid, now I am not so sure… this is why we talk about things.

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